30 by 30

Just some things I'd like to accomplish by January 30, 2017. :)

1. Have another baby
2. Buy a sewing machine
3. Learn to sew
4. Visit Colorado
5. Start putting money aside to fulfill my dream to adopt.
6. Acquire a taste for wine or coffee.
7. Visit New York City during Christmas time
8. Make homemade banana bread
9. Take a spinning class
10. Teach Kason to swim
11. Plant a flower garden...and keep it alive
12. Complete a 5K
13. Take Kason to 5 new states
14. Photograph a birth
15. Buy a full frame camera
16. Refinish a piece of furniture
17. Memorize one bible verse a day for 365 days
18. Ride a motorcycle
19. See Cirque Du Soleil in Vegas
20. Blog twice a week for 6 months
21. Take a vacation out of the country
22. Take Kason to a Colts game, which will be my first Colts game as well
23. Pay off both of our cars
24. Go camping
25. Teach a photography class to kids
26. Take at least 3 photography workshops
27. Visit Washington D.C.
28. Go golfing with Duane and Kason (just to watch)
29. Grow my hair out
30. Watch Kason participate in his first sport, whatever it may be

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