Thursday, January 31, 2013


Yesterday I turned 26!  I guess when you get older and have a child, your own birthday doesn't seem quite as exciting.  I'm much more anticipating Kason's birthday (and baby g #2's) than I was my own. :)   Every year when January 30th roles around, I'm just so thankful to God for another year and all of the blessings he's given to me.  So thankful.  

This birthday did seem a little more significant.  It was the second birthday that I have spent with a baby growing inside of me.  It's also most likely the last birthday that I will spend pregnant, so that was something to definitely think about and cherish.  I won't be 100% sure until after I have baby #2, but more than likely this will be our last biological child.  I have a heart for adoption, and would LOVE to adopt once Kason is older.

My birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, and I tried to come up with something fun to do with Kason.  I watch my nephew on Wednesdays, so I loaded the boys into the car, and headed to a town an hour or so away.  I was so glad that my sister, best friend, and Kason's buddy Nolan could join us!  We went to a huge indoor playground.  The boys had a BLAST and played for a while!  Kason never ceases to amaze me with his bravery.  He climbed all the way to the top of this huge jungle gym, so problem.  I'm lucky my sister was willing to climb with him.  It would have been a sight to see my pregnant self climbing up!  
 photo Birthday_2S_zpsd8700f5a.jpg
 photo Birthday_1S_zpsa171c26c.jpg
 photo Birthday_8S_zps319f6a14.jpg
 photo Birthday_3S_zpse83de27c.jpg
 photo Birthday_4S_zps09558562.jpg
 photo Birthday_5S_zps2ad2a2f1.jpg
 photo Birthday_6S_zpsb018a57a.jpg
 photo Birthday_7S_zpsf8044537.jpg

After the boys played, we headed accross the street to have lunch at an old fashion ice cream shop.  The food was SO good, and the brownie sundae I had for dessert was aaaaamzing!  Once we finished lunch, I told Kason that all I wanted for my birthday was a nice picture of him.  You of him actually looking at the camera and smiling.  I kid you not, he came running at me and this is what happened.....
 photo Birthday_12_zps6e85632c.jpg
 photo Birthday_13_zps16056288.jpg
He was in rare form yesterday.  He keeps me laughing all day long!
 photo Birthday_15S_zps87cde8a4.jpg
It was such a fun day!
 photo Birthday_14S_zps8126b179.jpg
I have been so excited for the architect to finish out preliminary drawings and come show us.  As luck would have it, he finished them Tuesday, and we were able to meet with him yesterday evening.  A perfect birthday present, because, Oh. my. word., I can't believe what he came up with!  He was able to make it so the first floor of our house had a foyer, 3 bedrooms, AND a possibility of a much larger kitchen space that would open up into a family room (if it's in the budget).  And that's just the first floor!  He was also able to come up with a way to finish out attic giving us a large playroom along with an area for an office.  The attic will be partially open to the foyer, making it brighter and more open.  I am so thrilled that he was able to create a floor plan that works for our growing family.  We're hoping to make a couple changes to the plans, and then have final drawings and be ready for construction.  So exciting! :)

After we met with the architect, we headed to dinner.  It was the perfect ending to a great birthday.  So anxious to see what 26 holds for me.  I know it's going to be a great year full of changes! :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

16 weeks {baby g #2}

 photo 16Weeks_1S_zps684210e6.jpg
I am 16 weeks with Baby G #2!  I can't believe how much more quickly this pregnancy is going.  I feel like I JUST typed a 14 week post, and it's been two weeks.  I'm excited it's going so quickly, but need it to slow down a bit. :)

Pregnancy Updates:

Baby G's size: He/she (this is the last time I will have to use both he and post I will know...eeeek!!) is about 4 1/2 inches long, and weighs about 3 1/2 oz.  About the size of an avocado.

My size: Our scale at home is out of batteries, so I don't weigh myself unless I go to the dr.  I did weigh myself at the gym this morning, and I'm still holding steady at 114 lbs, making my total weight gain 1 lb.  I've been trying hard to watch what I eat, and make better decisions.  I'm hoping to start walking again, now the my energy is slowly coming back.  My jeans still fit, mostly because I'm carrying higher, so my stomach is over where I button my jeans.  I have thrown on the maternity pants a few times for comfort though!

Movement: Still feeling steady movement.  The baby seems way more active at night, so I love to lay in bed and feel his/her little kicks.

Most excited thing: I'm so excited to find out what this baby is in 2 weeks I can hardly contain myself!

Most annoying thing: Well, apparently my body doesn't get the "morning (all day) sickness is supposed to end in the first trimester.  I've thrown up a few times the past few nights and am still nauseous.  This was the same with Kason, so no surprise.  I did cave, and finally got my Zofran prescription filled.  I always try and tough it out, but when the sickness is still lingering after trimester 1, I give in.  I did the exact same thing with Kason.  I've also been getting awful 3-day-long headaches.  Yuck!!

Cravings: Chick-Fil-A hash browns.  I'm afraid the healthy cravings are gone for now..ha!

Sickness: Still nauseous.  Still throwing up.  Lovely!

Next appointment: February 13th we will find out the gender!  Yay!
 photo 16Weeks_2S_zpsf89e5bb6.jpg
 photo MommaKaseBabyS_zps4011a599.jpg
I feel like I am SO much bigger this time around, but looking at a comparison, I don't think I look that much bigger this time around.  Maybe because I'm carrying differently?  Or maybe I just popped out faster and now the growth has kind of slowed down?  Who knows!  One thing is for sure, my face is already chubbier.  I can't imagine what I'll look like at 38 weeks in JUNE!
 photo 16WeekComparisonS_zps1d187ef4.jpg

Friday, January 25, 2013

30 by 30

I'll be 26 in just 5 days.  Sometimes it's hard to believe that there are only 4 years left in my 20s.  In some ways, I still feel 16.  In other ways, I feel like I'm much older.  Like tonight, when I'm sitting at home on a Friday night, blogging and watching Duck Dynasty. :)

  I've seen lots of people do a "30 by 30" bucket list, and I thought it would be fun.  There are so many things I'd love to do, so maybe if I put them into a list and give myself a time frame, it'll give me a little more motivation. :)

I tried to make all of these things realistic, and since I made this list in July of last year, I've already accomplished a few of them. Some are big things, but lots of them are just little things I've always wanted to do.  Some of them are family related while others are business related.  Some are just plain selfish, and things I want to do for me.  I think I'll make a "30 by 30" page at the top of my blog, so I can cross them off as I go along.  

Here goes, in no particular order...

1. Have another baby
2. Buy a sewing machine
3. Learn to sew
4. Visit Colorado
5. Start putting money aside to fulfill my dream to adopt.
6. Acquire a taste for wine or coffee.
7. Visit New York City during Christmas time
8. Make homemade banana bread
9. Take a spinning class
10. Teach Kason to swim
11. Plant a flower garden...and keep it alive
12. Complete a 5K
13. Take Kason to 5 new states
14. Photograph a birth
15. Buy a full frame camera
16. Refinish a piece of furniture
17. Memorize one bible verse a day for 365 days
18. Ride a motorcycle
19. See Cirque Du Soleil in Vegas
20. Blog twice a week for 6 months
21. Take a vacation out of the country
22. Take Kason to a Colts game, which will be my first Colts game as well
23. Pay off both of our cars
24. Go camping
25. Teach a photography class to kids
26. Take at least 3 photography workshops
27. Visit Washington D.C.
28. Go golfing with Duane and Kason (just to watch)
29. Grow my hair out
30. Watch Kason participate in his first sport, whatever it may be

There you have it.  Some may seem silly, but I hope to accomplish most of them in the next 4 years! :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

remember {22 months}

Kason - 

In two months you, my sweet baby, will turn two.  TWO.  No longer a baby.  More or less a toddler.  Time is moving so quickly, and I just want it to slow down.  I want to remember so many things about this age.

I want to remember the way you love basketball.  Today I watched you practice dribbling a basketball for a solid 15 minutes.  Trust me, you don't do anything for 15 minutes, but basketball, you could play all day.
 photo Remember_14S_zps28a964fe.jpg

I want to remember the way you always walk on your tip-toes.  I don't know why you do it, but it's so stinkin' cute.
 photo Remember_11S_zpse7efdf41.jpg

I want to remember the "surprised" look you give me when I tell you something exciting.
 photo Remember_2S_zps98888e6d.jpg

I want to remember that sweet little smirk you give me that melts my heart every time.
 photo Remember_1S_zpsb202045e.jpg

I want to remember how much you love "I spy" books.  You could look at them all day, especially the Thomas one.
 photo Remember_8S_zps4ecbec31.jpg

I want to remember the face you make when I say "Kason, close your eyes."  It's so funny!
 photo Remember_12S_zps90a8ab5f.jpg

I want to remember your sweet eyelashes, that I'm secretly envious of. 
 photo Remember_4S_zpsfeb7d60f.jpg

I want to remember how you NEVER want to wear socks.  Your feet are always bare, and freezing.  Just like your daddy.
 photo Remember_10S_zpsb05c083e.jpg

I want to remember the way you love to play with your cars.  You make the funniest noises, and yell with excitement as they fly down the track. 
 photo Remember_7S_zps45c36172.jpg

I want to remember how you finally call me mommy all the time.  It took a while, as you only said "da-da" for the longest time.  I will never get tired of hearing him say "Mei-mei" when you want my attention.
 photo Remember_13S_zpsbd6aaa45.jpg

I want to remember how much you love it when daddy throws you in the air.  Not mommy, she can't throw high enough.  That's ok though, because mommy always gives better snuggles. :)
 photo Remember_9S_zpscece6020.jpg

I want to remember how mischievous you are.  I love that about you.
 photo Remember_3S_zps235326dc.jpg

And, above all else, I want to remember how, when I watch you sleep, I can still see that newborn that changed my life 22 months ago.  Pretty soon, you won't be my only baby, and I know as soon as you are a big brother you will seem like such a big boy.  I so want to cherish this time where it's just you and me and daddy.  Our days are filled with fun, one-on-one time and I know how much I will miss that in the future.  So I will always remember that if I loose sight of that tiny baby, I just need to sneak into your room and watch you sleep.  The memories will come flooding back to me.
 photo Remember_5S_zpsa6f31990.jpg

Thursday, January 17, 2013

14 weeks {baby g #2}


I am 14 weeks with Baby G #2!  I had an appointment today, and was SO thankful that the doctor was able to find the heartbeat without issue.  Such an amazing sound, that I never tire of hearing.  It was steady at 158. :)

Pregnancy Updates:

Baby G's size: He/she is about 3 1/2 inches, or the size of a lemon.  He/she weighs around 1.5 ounces...still SO tiny. :)

My size: I weighted 114 at my appointment today, so I am back up to my pre-pregnancy weight. :)  My jeans are getting TIGHT, and I have a feeling maternity pants may be in the near future.  The doctor did say I was still "tiny" though, so that made this chubby momma feel good!

Movement: I've been able to feel steady movement a couple of times, can't wait for the kicks to get stronger, but I CAN wait for the violent kickboxing classes that will take place in my body. 

Most excited thing: Hearing a strong heartbeat today was so exciting.   

Most annoying thing: My skin still looks awful.  I'm also dealing with VERY dry skin and lips.  I know all of the water in my body is going to the baby, which is fine.  I can deal with some dry skin here and there.  I think one of the hardest things this time around is dealing with smells.  Holy. Cow.  The littlest smell can send me running to the bathroom to throw up.  Never had this problem with Kason.  Dealing with throw up while Kason's had stomach flu has been fun..ha!

Cravings: Apples.  I eat one every night before bed. :)

Sickness: Still nauseous.  I may give in and take the zofran.  Hoping second trimester is better on this front!

Next appointment: I made my 18 weeks ultrasound appointment today!!  On February 13, we'll get to check on baby g #2 and find out if it's a boy or girl.  February 13th is Duane's I think he's excited to find out that day.  Well, excited if we find out it's a boy...he may go into "I don't know how to raise or pay for a girl" shock.  We'll see. :)


And of course, a comparison. . . 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

thoughts on having TWO kids

I still can't believe I am going to be a momma to TWO!  Three years ago I would have never guessed I'd have two kids by the age of 26.  As excited as I am to give Kason a sibling, I have quite a bit of anxiety at the same time.  Maybe it's the hormones, or maybe it's just the fact that it's a big change..but I'm losing some sleep over this!   

So here are my thoughts.  you can tell me if I'm crazy, or if these are normal fears. :)

I won't lie, there are days where the thought of adding a second child to our family totally and completely freaks me out.  There are those days when Kason is a bear, and I think to myself..."I can't even handle one kid, how on earth will I handle TWO?"  And then I take a deep breath and remind myself that I was quite certain I wouldn't survive the first months at home with Kason..and I figured it out.  We learned how our lives looked as a family of three, and we will do the same when we turn to a family of four.

There are a few things that stress me out when thinking about having another baby.  Maybe some of my momma friends can shed some light for me and put my worries at ease.  Or freak me out even more.  Preferably the first option, but whatever!

My number one fear is the fact that I will no longer be devoting 100% of my attention to Kason.  He's been my only baby for almost 2 years, and pretty soon, he is going to have to share me.  Please know my heart when I say I am SO excited to have another baby, but the fact that less on my attention will go to Kason really makes my heart ache.  I know that I will still be able to spend a lot of time with Kason, after all, I'm home with him all day, but I think the fact that I will have a new baby that relies 100% on my really scares me.  I don't EVER want Kason to feel left out, or like I am giving the baby more attention, even though at times I will be.  In many ways, a baby will depend on me much more than my two year old, it's just how it is.  And that brings me to my next point...nursing.  

I'm planning on nursing this baby just like I did Kason.  I'm hoping to nurse for longer, actually, since I won't be working full time this time around.  Believe it or not, I am really looking forward to nursing baby #2.  You might remember that nursing Kason wasn't the walk in the park I had imagined (read about my breastfeeding adventures here).  There were many obstacles and I really wanted to give up multiple times.  Funny thing is, I never even questioned if I'd breastfeed my next baby.  I knew I would without a doubt, I am looking forward to actually knowing how to nurse this baby and not feeling so in the dark.  That being said, nursing takes A LOT of time.  At least it did with Kason.  He ate every 2.5 hours for about 3 months and took about 40 minutes total to eat.  That's a lot of time that Kason will have to find something else to do.  Unless I get really good and figure out how to nurse and play with a 2 year old, he's going to have to be independent for that time.  Right now, I picture my house being turned upside down while I nurse.  Kason doesn't watch TV for more than 2 minutes, and rarely sits still.  I'm trying to figure out how this will look when I'm spending a lot of time feeding a baby.  He will be older then, so I'm hoping to find some things to keep him occupied while I nurse.  I am determined to figure it out because I am determined to nurse this sweet baby.  It's important to me, as it is to the baby, so I will make it work.  Persistence will be key I think. :)

This goes along with nursing, but going out in public with two kids (one that's nursing) totally and completely freaks. me. out.  How will I nurse in public (I already am uncomfortable with this) with a 2 year old running around?  How will I hold a baby and chase Kason?  My silver-lining is that I see moms do it all the time, so obviously it's doable.  Just a learning experience.  If all else fails, there's always those leashes.  HA - JUST KIDDING! 

One of my last (I'm sure there are 100 more) concerns is balancing relationships between mom/dad and Kason/baby.  It is my thought that because I will be nursing a baby, I will most likely tend to the baby a lot of the time.  When Duane is home, he will play with Kason during feedings.  This will work great, but I think we have to be aware of bonding time.  Although it will be hard, I want Duane to spend just as much time with this baby as he did with Kason.  Maybe not even time, I just want to make sure they bond like Duane and Kason did.  I want their relationship to be strong, so even though I will be the one the baby relies on for food, I want to make sure to give the baby and Duane one-on-one time.  Same goes with Kason and I, like I talked about above.  I need to make sure I can spend one-on-one time with him.  I keep reminding myself that newborns sleep A LOT.  There will be lots of "down" time I can still play with Kason, just like I do now.  When the baby is older and not sleeping so much, he/she can play with us.  I can't wait for that! :)

So there you have it.  I am so, so looking forward to becoming a family of 4, but there are stresses that come along with it.  I love blogging things that I feel other mom's might be able to relate to.  I'm sure those "perfect moms" will read this and say I'm a bad mom for these thoughts..but that's ok.  I like being 100% real when I blog and not be some fake "life is always rainbows and butterflies" mom.

And just because, here are some pictures...:)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

snow days

We've had a lot of snow around here lately!  It's not the norm for Indiana to get so much snow in December (at least since I can remember), so it's been fun.  The past couple of years there hasn't been much snow to speak of.  The winters have been warmer, and there's been lots of ice..yuck!  This year, however, around Christmas we got about 5 inches one day, and 3 more a few days later.  I have to be honest, I am not a snow fan.  Actually, it's more the cold I'm against.  The snow is pretty, but when it snows, it tends to be freezing outside and I'm just not down for it.  One day, I will live in a warmer climate, but for now, I will enjoy the winters with my sweet boy.  Kason LOVED the snow.  He would stay outside all day no matter what the temperature.  So, when we got all of this snow..we had to enjoy it!

We went sledding with Kason's little friends and they all had a blast!
{Check out Kason in the background!  Hahaha..he LOVES Megan.  I think it's because she's so tall!}

And we built Kason's first snowman!

Now all of the snow is melting away. Excited for another round of snow to come hopefully soon! :) 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

12 weeks {baby g #2}

First, I want to say how excited we are to be expecting baby #2!  We have prayed so much for this little one, and are just over the moon excited! :)

There's a little discrepancy on my due date this time around.  According to my calculations, my due date is July 8, but both of the ultra sounds I have had show the Baby G #2 is measuring about a week behind.  The doctor moved my due date to July 15, so I'll just go with it.  This baby will come when he or she is ready, right?! :)

I'm going to try my *best* to journal about my pregnancy every 2 weeks again.  I love going through the updates from my pregnancy with Kason, so I know I want to do it again with this baby. I'm sure they won't be on time, due to being a little busier this time around.  

Anyways...I was 12 weeks on Monday (see, already a week behind.:))! 

Pregnancy Updates:

Baby G's size: Baby G #2 is about the size of a plum. 

My size: I haven't weighed myself recently.  At my first appt. at 8 weeks I weighed 114, and at my next appt. I weighed 112, so I lost a couple of pounds.  No worries, I did the same thing with all packs on in the end!  In terms of my's huge.  I think my 12 week belly compares with my 17 week belly with Kason.  It's crrrrazy how much more quickly you start to show the second time around!

Movement: Believe it or not, I have felt a few little flutters.  SO COOL!

Most excited thing: This pregnancy has been SO much different thus far.  Finding out that we were pregnant with Kason was exciting, but SO unexpected.  We were in shock for a couple of weeks. :)  With this babe, we were trying, so I was ecstatic when I saw that plus sign on the pregnancy test.  Probably the most exciting thing thus far is already feeling flutters.  I thought I was crazy, and that it was too early, but the more I read the more I realized that you feel your second baby much earlier.  It's such a neat feeling.  I can't wait to feel those little kicks in a few months!

Most annoying thing:  Probably just the tiredness.  I wouldn't even say annoying, but I am 10 times more tired than I was with Kason.   I know it's because I'm chasing a toddler around, but man, it's exhausting.  I feel bad because I know I can't do as much with Kason because I get so worn out, but it will pass!  I can't imagine how it would be if I was still working full time.  Yikes!  On another skin is broken out like a girl going through puberty.  Also highly annoying.

Cravings: Weird, because I rarely have healthy cravings, but I'm craving salad like nobody's business.

Sickness:  NAUSEA!  UGH!  With Kason, I would get sick a few times during the night and be done with it.  With this baby I am nauseous ALL day and rarely get sick.  I would much rather just throw up and get it over with.  I know it won't last, and I'm thankful for it even though it's annoying.  I know that means that the pregnancy is progressing just like it should.  

Next appointment: I go back to the doctor on the 17th of this month.  The same day I sign Kason up for pre-school..big day!  I'll be 14 weeks at that appointment, so the following appointment will be another ultrasound and the big gender reveal! :)

And a little comparison. . .