meet the family

The girl
I'm Kelly and I'm the writer of this blog!  I started this blog back in 2009 in order to document my first years as a wife.  Little did I know that two short years later we would welcome our son into our family.  Now this blog is used as a scrapbook of ours lives.  I blog about life at our house.  This boils down to a few things: baby, husband, dog, and some random in betweens.

In June of 2012 I quit my job as a sixth grade teacher to stay home full time with my son.  This was a hard decision, and I miss teaching so much.  I'm glad that I tried the working mom thing, because if I hadn't, I wouldn't have had the understanding for people who struggle with it.  I love being home, and I'm getting to focus more on my growing photography business.  When I'm not busy chasing around my little guy, I love all things pink, chocolate, mismatched hangers, and warm weather.  I do not love cold weather, waking up at 5 am, and putting laundry away.

Mothering is a new journey for me and I'm working hard to be the best mama I can be.  Above all else, I want to teach my son to love people the way Jesus loves us.  I hope you'll enjoy your time in my little corner of the internet!

The boy
Duane is my down to earth, laid back husband.  It's true when they say opposites attract.  He totally compliments my up-tight, type A personality.  He's truly my best friend and I look forward to all of the adventures ahead.  Parenting Kason is something that I couldn't do alone, so I'm thankful for Duane's HUGE part in our son's life.

Duane loves sports, anything Purdue, pizza and golfing.  He does not love anything IU, mismatched hangers, and vegetables.  He's the ultimate dreamer, and always has a new business idea up his sleeve!

The baby
Kason is our March 2011 baby.  He has forever changed our lives for the better.  He grows and changes everyday and it's fun too see the world through his curious eyes.  You'll often find him  climbing on our "big girl" Kaia.

Kason loves puffs, hangers (matched or mismatched), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, cars, trains, and fruit snacks.  Kason does not love getting his nose wiped, coming inside after playing outside, or getting things taken away from him.  He's a sweet little guy and has a smile on his face 90 percent of the time.  To learn more about Kason, click his name on the sidebar to your right.

The dog
Kaia held the title of "baby" for the first year and a half of her life.  Now we kindly refer to her as the dog. :)  Kaia was born in June of 2009 (4 days before our wedding) and we welcomed her into our family as a tiny puppy at 6 weeks of age.  She was quite hyper at first but has calmed down a bit over the years.  This dog is a saint when it comes to dealing with Kason.  She is so patient with him and they are the best of friends.

Kaia loves digging in the yard, chasing her tail, and walks with mama and Kason.  She does not love the vacuum cleaner, the mailman, and baths.  Although Kaia ofter drives us crazy, we love having her as part of our family.  To learn more about our crazy girl, click her name on the sidebar to your right.

**All photos (minus Kaia's) taken by my good friend and awesome photographer, Kaila. :)**