Thursday, January 24, 2013

remember {22 months}

Kason - 

In two months you, my sweet baby, will turn two.  TWO.  No longer a baby.  More or less a toddler.  Time is moving so quickly, and I just want it to slow down.  I want to remember so many things about this age.

I want to remember the way you love basketball.  Today I watched you practice dribbling a basketball for a solid 15 minutes.  Trust me, you don't do anything for 15 minutes, but basketball, you could play all day.
 photo Remember_14S_zps28a964fe.jpg

I want to remember the way you always walk on your tip-toes.  I don't know why you do it, but it's so stinkin' cute.
 photo Remember_11S_zpse7efdf41.jpg

I want to remember the "surprised" look you give me when I tell you something exciting.
 photo Remember_2S_zps98888e6d.jpg

I want to remember that sweet little smirk you give me that melts my heart every time.
 photo Remember_1S_zpsb202045e.jpg

I want to remember how much you love "I spy" books.  You could look at them all day, especially the Thomas one.
 photo Remember_8S_zps4ecbec31.jpg

I want to remember the face you make when I say "Kason, close your eyes."  It's so funny!
 photo Remember_12S_zps90a8ab5f.jpg

I want to remember your sweet eyelashes, that I'm secretly envious of. 
 photo Remember_4S_zpsfeb7d60f.jpg

I want to remember how you NEVER want to wear socks.  Your feet are always bare, and freezing.  Just like your daddy.
 photo Remember_10S_zpsb05c083e.jpg

I want to remember the way you love to play with your cars.  You make the funniest noises, and yell with excitement as they fly down the track. 
 photo Remember_7S_zps45c36172.jpg

I want to remember how you finally call me mommy all the time.  It took a while, as you only said "da-da" for the longest time.  I will never get tired of hearing him say "Mei-mei" when you want my attention.
 photo Remember_13S_zpsbd6aaa45.jpg

I want to remember how much you love it when daddy throws you in the air.  Not mommy, she can't throw high enough.  That's ok though, because mommy always gives better snuggles. :)
 photo Remember_9S_zpscece6020.jpg

I want to remember how mischievous you are.  I love that about you.
 photo Remember_3S_zps235326dc.jpg

And, above all else, I want to remember how, when I watch you sleep, I can still see that newborn that changed my life 22 months ago.  Pretty soon, you won't be my only baby, and I know as soon as you are a big brother you will seem like such a big boy.  I so want to cherish this time where it's just you and me and daddy.  Our days are filled with fun, one-on-one time and I know how much I will miss that in the future.  So I will always remember that if I loose sight of that tiny baby, I just need to sneak into your room and watch you sleep.  The memories will come flooding back to me.
 photo Remember_5S_zpsa6f31990.jpg


  1. Beautiful post Kelly! Tear tear!

  2. I still sneak in to make sure my kids are all tucked in still and watch them sleep....I can still picture my 7 year old ad the tiny thing in my arms...sigh

  3. Made me teary-eyed! My kiddo won't be the only child for much longer either! Hold on to these moments!!!