Friday, May 11, 2012

friday randoms

I've had writers block BIG TIME when it comes to my blog lately.  I think that my brain moves at a million miles per hour during the day so when I sit down to blog at night, my words just turn to mush and I can't string a thought together much less a blog post.  So bare with me as I try to pull a post full of randoms together. :)

...There are 13 days of school left.  Summer is so close I can taste it.  Bring on the trips to the pool, bike rides, and time with friends.  I have said this before every break this year but I have NEVER been so ready for a break! :)

...Tomorrow we are going to a wedding of a dear family friend.  This girl has been like a little sister to me, and tomorrow she is getting married!  So excited for her wedding and reception...did I mention the reception will be in a barn?!  So fun!

...I am very close to making a decision about whether or not I am going to teach next year.  So thankful for all of the comments on my blog and Facebook from encouraging friends and family.  So, so blessed to have such an amazing support system.  

...This week was teacher appreciation week.  Teaching is a hard, hard job.  It is so under appreciated, especially in the state we live in.  I work with some incredible teachers that work so hard for the students that walk through our school doors everyday.  Being a teacher has made me a better mother, and when Kason gets to school I will appreciate EVERYTHING his teachers do.

...Sometimes I really wish I didn't live my life worried about what others think of me.  I've always had an issue with this but it has become WAY worse since I've become a mom.  I have to remind myself daily that I am being the best mom for Kason and I can't worry about what all of the moms around me are doing.

...June is almost booked full of photo sessions.  I say it a lot of Facebook but I am so thankful for all of the business.

...I watched seasons 1 and 2 of Parenthood over spring break and loved it.  I need to start watching season 3 online..but I'm hoping it comes to Netflix soon!  Seriously, best show ever!

...We are going to California in a little over a month.  I'm already feeling the anxiety of traveling with a 14 month old and I haven't even stepped foot in the airpot.  I'm going to do a blog post begging for travel advice in a couple of weeks.

...I've had 2 vivid dreams recently where I am pregnant with another boy.  I am literally giving birth to him and cannot for the life of me come up with a name for him.  I have woken up both times racking my brain for boy names.  Is this a sign of my future?!  (I am not pregnant, by the way!)

...I'm still trying to figure out Blogger's new layout.  My photography blog/website is Wordpress and just when I got that all figured out..Blogger went and changed everything up!  I can't keep up!

...I'll leave you with a sweet picture of my boys mowing the grass.  So. Cute.  I have lots of pictures to edit and upload.  In 13 days, I think I will have plenty of time. :)


  1. that picture is perfect. love love love it! you are obviously a wonderful mother. don't doubt it for a minute.

  2. Hi! I found you through Kelly's link up!

    LOVE the pic of your little guy with a lawn mower, in fact, I posted a pic on my blog of my little guy and his lawn mower a few weeks ago!

    I'm a long-term sub, Christian, love taking pics and have a little, 17mo boy! So much in common!


  3. MMMM. I loooove Parenthood, but don't think it gets as many viewers as it deserves so I am glad you are spreading the love ;)