Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Sweet Puppy

Kaia is almost a year old! She turned 10 months this month which means come June, we will have a one year old puppy! We survived the first year of puppy-hood (barely). As I type this post she is putting her rope on the computer and begging me to play with her. She is doing this as Duane lays on the couch next to me, doing nothing. It seems like she only wants me to play with her when I am doing something.

Honestly, Kaia has not been a horrible puppy. There is not a whole lot of chewing, although we do occasionally find her with our shoes or socks in her mouth (I just pulled my shoe out of her mouth five minutes ago). She still bites quite a bit so we're trying to work on that. If you have come into our house you know that she has a terrible habit of jumping on anyone and everyone. This is such a problem that we've signed her up for obedience school. You heard me, obedience school. Kaia is going to be obedient (ha)! We'll see how that goes. We should probably video tape it because it's bound to be comical. She also HATES taking a bath. However, I will have you know that yesterday I, and I alone, gave Kaia a bath! I literally dragged her into the shower and hosed her down! She only tried to escape once. I was pretty proud of myself. After all, she only weighs 15 lbs. less than me!

Luckily the good things out weigh the bad with Kaia. She loves to go on walks, which is great! She sits by the door when I get home from school just waiting for me to pull the leash out. She also loves sports! She'll play soccer with Duane for hours. She has also caught the frisbee a few times. This made Duane pretty proud. She loves to play with her friends: Daisy, Russ, and Audrey. She has lots of fun with them!

All in all, Kaia is a great puppy! I can't wait to have a fence in the backyard so she can have room to run and we don't have to worry about her chasing joggers and bike riders (which she does quite frequently).

How could I blog about her without pictures?!

Probably looking at birds..she loves to chase them!

I love it when I come home from school and find Kaia with her feet up in the air!

So cute!

She loves to stick her head out the window in the car!

Loves sports!

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