Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer Nights

There are lots of things that make me happy. Warm weather is definitely at the tip top of the list. I love to head to the lake and lay on a boat soaking up the rays. I love to sit on our cute white porch on our cute white porch swing. I love to go to the pool and bask in the hot sun. I love it all! One of my favorite parts of spring/summer are the evenings. At around 8:00 p.m. the weather is perfect. It is not too hot and not too cold. The sun is beginning to make it's decent for the day. It's one of the best feelings. Everything looks better in the dim light. I love that time of night.

Last night was no different. It was a perfect spring evening. We decided to head to Dairy Queen with our good friends (Steve and Lauren) and the dogs (Kaia and Daisy). This is a little bit beside the point but on my list of happiness, having great friends that live close is also right at the top. All of our good friends (minus Chelsea and Aj of course) live within walking distance. It is the best thing! We can get together for cookouts on random nights, or just walk over to each others house to see what's going on. We all LOVE it! Anyways, last night we took the dogs and ventured to DQ. Daisy is Kaia's absolute best friend. Kaia literally pulls us all the way from our house to the White's house and runs to the fence to see Daisy. It's so cute! When we got Kaia she was a few pounds lighter than Daisy and now she is at least twice her size. We were a little worried they wouldn't like each other when Kaia got bigger, but that is certainly not the case. They love to play for hours and do on a regular basis.

Our walk went really well! The boys walked the dogs while Lauren and I trailled behind talking and snapping photos. Both dogs got a pup cup (a bowl of vanilla ice cream with a doggie treat) and were in Heaven! It was the prefect evening and I can't wait to experience many more "summer nights".

Of course we took pictures.....:)

The Dog Walkers! :)

Pretty flower on our walk

Lauren and I with our cute puppies. (Please excuse the hair...I'm trying to let it grow and it is wild! Yikes!) :)

Pretty creek

We love DQ!

Waiting for her pup cup!

Kaia's pup cup..she loves them!

Cute Daisy waiting patiently for her pup cup

And some random spring pictures...

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather and season! Have a wonderful night! :)

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