Sunday, July 11, 2010

Origins Release Party

I am currently blogging from Edisto Island, South Carolina! We are on a week long vacation with Duane's family. Hoping for lots of rest and relaxation considering I will meet my sixth graders in just three SHORT weeks. Life will be nothing short of crazy come August 2nd! :)

I wanted to share some photos from a fun night last week. Duane's best friend, Todd, started traveling with a band earlier this year. He plays guitar for the John Tibbs Band and they travel all over the country to play at various church camps and conventions. They recently relseaed their first CD titled Origins. It is a great CD and I love that their love for God is expressed in every song. I would encourage you to head on over to iTunes and give it a listen!

On tuesday night we headed up to Anderson to go to the Origins realease party at Madison Park. We had the chance to talk with the band and get some "fan gear". After some socializing, the band performed five of the songs off the Origins CD. Duane and I had never heard them live, so it was so great to finally hear them in person. We are so proud of Todd and all of the hard work he and the band have put into this album. He is so talented and we are so glad that he and Carrie are some of our best friends!

Of course I took pictures...

All of our fan gear! Haha! :)

Steve and Lauren

Love my husband! :)

The girls!

Todd and Carrie

The group!

The band!

Click here to download the Origins CD!

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