Tuesday, February 7, 2012

10 Months!


We'll just pretend like Kason didn't turn 10 months 2.5 weeks ago.  I have been dreading trying to get his picture.  It's quite the impossible task.  So I put if off and then realized that he is now closer to 11 months than 10 months.  Oh well, we'll just pretend like he turned 10 months yesterday! :)

Not sure of his stats but I know he weighed 17 lb. 10 oz. at the doctor last week.  He's still in size 3 diapers and wearing mostly 6-9 months clothes, some still 3-6 month.  Still my little guy, but that's ok with me! 

Here's what Kason is up to at 10-ish months:

...Walking!  Yep, we have a full time walker on our hands!  He's been walking pretty much full time for the past couple of weeks.  He just learned how to stand up in the middle of the floor (without holding on to anything) so he is on the move!  This little boy is getting quick!  I can't turn my back for a minute without him walking to the other side of the house.

...Talking!  We don't understand much, but he babbles all the time!  He does say da-da ove and over again, but we don't think he associates it with Duane.  He does say "Aia" for Kaia, and does associate the two.  No mama yet.  Every time I say Ma-ma-ma-ma, he follows with da-da-da-da!  I guess I'll keep working!

...Eating!  We have introduced a few finger foods and he LOVES them!  He actually prefers them over baby food.  With how busy our schedule has been, I haven't been able to keep up with making all of his food.  He's not a fan of much store bought baby food, but loves finger foods.  He's still taking 3 formula bottles a day.  He doesn't do so well with a sippy cup, so we'll continue to work on that!

...Being stubborn!  Shoo, this boy is just like his mama!  If I take something away from him, it's on.  A full on throw-yourself-on-the-ground scream session follows.  I was under the impression temper tantrums started when these little guys (or girls) were two.  Wrong!  Along with getting things taken away, Kason has decided to protest the changing table all together.  The second I lay him on it he arches his back, clenches his fists, and screams.  It is quite the aerobic workout!  Usually if I give him a book or sing to him, he calms down.  I think the toddler ears will be very interesting.  I know my mom is thinking.."sweet payback!"

We just love this little boy to pieces.  I can't believe that he will be 1 in a little over a month.  I have a feeling March is going to be a very emotional month!

{Please excuse the wrinkled backdrop, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get this kids' picture...it was quite the production!}

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