Saturday, February 25, 2012

Random Saturday

I had the best intentions to type a whole blog post up tonight.  But after a day of swim lessons, the Children's Museum, Dinner and the Purdue game, and photo editing...I am exhausted!  So at the risk of sounding highly uneducated if I try to crank out a long, picture filled post, I think I'll just let the randomness flow tonight.

1. I can't figure out what to think about leggings.  I know I L-O-V-E them because they're comfortable..but I still have some questions.  They aren't technically "pants" so can you wear them as pants?  Are my legs too chubby for them?  Should my bum be covered up with my shirt when I wear them?  I just don't know.  All I know is that all of my jeans are tight so leggings are my first choice at the moment.  I'm sure by the time I figure them out, they'll be out of style.
2. To go along with #1, I'm really struggling to decide whether to let go of the fact that my size 0 jeans just aren't getting along with my post-baby body.  Do I try to find time to work out and lose weight or do I just realize that a size 2 is not the end of the world?  Ugh, decisions.

3. My child will turn 1 in a few weeks.  I will have a 1 year old. When and how did this happen?

4. I have a lot of big decisions to make in the next few months.  Considering I can't even make a decision between Arby's or Chick-Fil-A, this is stressing me out big time.  Any prayers are appreciated! :)

5. I'm quite certain that planning a first birthday party is stressing me out as much as planning my wedding did.  This could have something to do with the fact that I literally have nothing done.  When do I have time to accomplish this?!  I see a lot of late nights in my future!

6. I haven't watched the slideshow of the photos of Kason's birth in quite some time.  I plan to watch it the night before his first birthday and cry my eyes out.  I am so, so, so thankful for those photos.

7. My photography business is really starting to pick up!  It's so encouraging and I get so excited for every shoot.  I used to dread editing but now that I'm slowly figuring out Photoshop, I love it!  Now I'm ready for some warm weather and gorgeous summer lighting.  Bring it on!

8. I've never been a fan of snow but I want a snow storm in the worst way.  I want a day (not 4 like last year) where I can stay home all day and snuggle with Kason.  Spring break is only a month away, but I need a break before then!  I'm thinking there won't be any snow days this winter though!

9. I haven't been to see a movie in theatre since I was pregnant.  How sad is that?  Part of it is of course, Kason, but the other part is that I just don't love spending $20 to see a movie.  I really do want to see the Vow, so I might try to get to the theatre to see it.  I also never saw The Help or Water for Elephants..I need to get those on redbox.  Only problem?  I fall asleep watching movies at home.  Every. Time.

10. It's official, I'm drinking coke again.  I haven't had it in about 3 years (ever since I had a kidney stone) and I've fallen off the wagon.  I've been so tired recently, that I swing by McDonalds on my way to school.  I'm so much more awake and happy if I get a little caffeine in my system.  I know it's not healthy, but without it, I might lose my job.  Teaching requires a lot of patience which for me, means caffeine! :)

11. I WILL blog about the super bowl, playdates, and Christmas eventually.  They are all posts in the making, I just don't have time to finish them.  Someday.  

That's all I got tonight.  Pretty boring huh?  I'm going to head to bed at 9:45 on a Saturday night.  When did I become so old???

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  1. Haha I am having the same dilemma about size 0 to size 2, but I do not have a baby as an excuse!!! If that makes you feel better :) I did start working out though so we'll see how that goes.