Monday, September 10, 2012


When I decided to stay home in May, I had this perfect picture of what my life as a full time mom would look like.  I was for sure I would be able to do all of the things that I wasn't able to do when I was teaching.  I would magically become the perfect house wife, and perfect mother.  Ha!  I think I was a little naive!  

A few days ago I realized something that the last few months have taught me.  Even though I'm "at home" full time,  I still don't have time to clean the house.  I still don't cook dinner every night.  I still don't have time to nap when Kason naps.  I still don't have time to work out (or just don't want to find the time..ha).  I still don't have time to do all of the things I pin on Pinterest.  I still have days where I feel like I'm running in circles and not accomplishing anything.

I'm still busy, maybe even busier than I was when I was teaching.  But you know something, I am so much happier.  I'm so much less stressed.  And that my friends, is an answered prayer.  God has showed me once again, that he is always in control, even when it seems like the future is so uncertain.  He knew exactly what I was meant to be doing this year.  My decision isn't right for everyone, but God knows my heart and my desires, and what is best for me.

 I'm so thankful.  Thankful for a God that continually watches over for me.  Thankful for a husband that works hard to provide for Kason and I, and a photography business that's grown more than I could have ever imagined.  But most of all, I'm thankful that I get to spend my days doing what I love.


Happy Monday! :)

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  1. I am so happy for you! So glad you get to spend your days with your precious little boy! God is good :)