Thursday, August 22, 2013

haddie is ONE month old!

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I can't even believe that it's been a month (actually, 6.5 weeks now) since we added our sweet girl to our family.  She is such a joy to us, and we are loving getting to know and understand her personality.  So far, she is much more laid back than Kason, which is a relief.  She hasn't had nearly as many stomach/reflux issues, so that helps a lot!  

Just like with Kason, I want to try to do a monthly update, so that I can go back and read it in the future.  I went to look at Kason's monthly updates today, and realized I only made it to 9 months.  HA! We'll see how long I make it with Haddie's updates!!  
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Current stats:

Weight - 9 lb. 9 oz. - 50th percentile 
Height - 20.5 inches - 25th percentile 
Head - 14.25 - 25-50th percentile 
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Our girl is MUCH bigger than Kason was at a month.  She is almost a pound bigger, and is wearing 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.  Kason was still in NB clothes and diapers at this point, so it's crazy how much bigger Haddie seems to me!  

Haddie LOVES. . . 

...Eating!  I think this is the reason she is bigger than Kason.  She is such a great eater!  I had lots of worries about breastfeeding this time around.  It was such a hard thing with Kason, and I prayed and prayed that Haddie and I would have better luck.  Sure enough, she latched right on after birth and hasn't stopped since!  She eats ever 2-3 hours during the day, and is finished in about 15 minutes.  During the night she will usually sleep 4-5 hour stretches between feedings, which is great.  I'm so thankful for a great eater.  It's made breastfeeding a breeze this time around.

...Cuddling!  Sister does NOT like to be put down.  She only likes to nap in my arms during the day, which proves to be difficult when I have things to get done.  I'll admit, I hold her a lot during the day, and things don't get done.  Oh well, she's only little once..right?!  After she eats she will lay on her playmat for 10-15 minutes, but then she is DONE and wants to be held.  Luckily, she does sleep in her bassinet at night just fine, so I guess I can deal with lots of cuddling during the day. :)

...Smiling!  I can't believe how much she smiles!  She loves when we talk to her and always gives us huge smiles.  Kason is constantly saying "Haddie...SMILE!!" and she usually does.  It's so sweet, and her tiny smile melts our hearts.

...The Ergo carrier - This goes along with not wanting to be put down, but sister loves to be in the Ergo.  It always puts her to sleep, and it a great way for me to comfort her and still have my hands free throughout the day.  So thankful for that carrier!

Haddie does NOT love. . . 

...Being put down.  See above. :)

...The evenings.  Yikes.  From about 6-9 Haddie really struggles.  I know this is a common time for newborn meltdowns, and Haddie is no exception.  It's not every evening, but a good chunk of them.  She just cries and cries and there's little we can do to comfort her.  Hopefully this gets better soon.  Poor Duane feels like all she does is cry when he holds her.  

...Bath time.  Although she is coming around, she still doesn't love bath time.  Once she's in and covered with a warm wash cloth, she's okay.  Getting in and out of the bath is still pretty traumatic for her, though.  I think with time she will learn to love bath time.  I can't wait until she and Kason and take a bath together!
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Our Haddie girl is so much fun.  We love learning new things about her everyday!  Happy 1 month birthday, Haddie Kate!

PS - I know this blog has been sadly negledted since Haddie joined our family.  I have SO much I want to blog, and am hoping to have some time soon!  :)

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