Thursday, February 14, 2013

18 weeks!

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I was 18 weeks on monday, but waited to post until we had our ultrasound!  We are thrilled that Kason will be the proud big brother to a precious baby sister.  We are over the moon excited.  I've already been shopping and holy cow, girls clothes are so cute!  In other news, Duane is talking about confiscating my debit card.  Yikes!

Pregnancy Updates:

Baby G's size: At my ultrasound, she was 8 oz, about the size of a bell pepper.  The ultrasound tech. said she was measuring right on track, and looked perfect. :)

My size: At my appt. I weighed 116 pounds.  That puts me up 3 pounds total.  The doctor seemed please with that, so I'm not worried as much anymore!  I'm pretty much wearing all maternity pants at this point.  I can still fit into my regular jeans, they just aren't as comfy.  All of my shirts still fit fine, and I expect most of them will throughout my pregnancy.  I probably own about 8 maternity shirts, most of which are sweaters.  So I'm really hoping to just wear my normal shirts...with a few maternity shirts thrown in there!

Movement: Still feeling little kicks multiple times per day.  Duane was even able to feel some little kicks this week, so that was really cool too.  He wasn't able to feel Kason until 24 weeks, so this was a huge deal!  The doctor actually said that my placenta is in front this time, which makes it harder to feel movement, but that hasn't seemed to be an issue thus far.  When I told her I feel the baby a lot, she said.."well, you should expect a very active baby for the next 22 weeks."  I have a feeling my ribs are getting ready to take a beating. :)

Most excited thing: Hands down, the ultrasound was so excited!  I was SO anxious about it, just because I wanted to know that the baby was healthy and growing just as she should.  It was such a relief when the tech., and my ob said that our baby GIRL looked perfect.  And finding out it was a girl...holy cow!  I was so shocked and SO excited.  Such a fun experience!  

Most annoying thing: Unfortunately, I'm already having trouble sleeping.  Other than that, I've really been feeling much better.  Still some headaches and heartburn, but I don't think those things are going anywhere anytime soon!

Cravings:  Sweets.  Definitely sweets.  As I sit here eating a bag of strawberry twizzlers. :)

Sickness: Still throwing up!  I got some new prenatal vitamins to try at the dr. today, so we're hoping those help.  I know they say those old wives tales don't predict what gender your baby will be, but mine are spot on.  I'm sicker, have horrible skin, and am carrying higher.  Thanks baby girl...momma appreciates it. :)

Next appointment: March 14!  Two days before my sweet boy turns TWO!!
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Ugh, these comparisons are starting to make me look really bad.  I was so much tanner and skinnier 2 years ago.  Oh well, it's SO worth it!
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  1. SO EXCITED for a HEALTHY little lady! You look awesome too Momma!

  2. So exciting!! I have a son around the same age as Kason, and now 26 weeks into this pregnancy with a GIRL! So fun!!!! :) Congrats!