Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless wednesday...kind of :)

I've seen others do these wordless Wednesday posts and I just love them.  I did one last week and I think I will try to do one every Wednesday.  I love shots of Kason that are unposed.  There are so many things I want to remember about this time in our lives, and photos help me do that.  So, that's all the words for now.  Enjoy these photos. :)

Disclaimer - Kason had a nasty head cold that spread to his eyes, so his eyes are very red in a few of these photos.  They are much better now. :)

 photo KWW_11S_zps8371baa2.jpg
 photo KWW_6S_zps07d33224.jpg
 photo KWW_5S_zpsf5646aac.jpg
 photo KWW_7S_zpsdba164fd.jpg
 photo KWW_9S_zpsaabea543.jpg
 photo KWW_8S_zps6fa264d2.jpg
 photo KWW_2S_zpsc7122734.jpg
 photo KWW_3S_zpsc8fb4c4d.jpg
 photo KWW_1S_zpsedff9ebb.jpg
 photo KWW_4S_zps476541b6.jpg

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  1. fabulous pictures, kelly! I especially love the Kason/puppy ones....gorgeous!