Tuesday, February 26, 2013

20 weeks! [baby g #2}

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Today I am 20 weeks with our baby girl!  It's hard to believe that I am halfway through my pregnancy.  It seems Kason's pregnancy crawled by (see Kason's 20 week post here), and this one is flying by.  I guess that's what happens when your busy chasing around a toddler!

Pregnancy Updates:

Baby G's size: She weighs about 10 and 1/2 oz and is about 6 1/2 inches long.  She's the length of a banana.

My size: I weighed myself a few days ago and I was 117 pounds.  I believe that is 4 (or 5) pounds above where I started.  IDK...I've lost count! :)

Movement: This week has been kind of discouraging in the movement department.  I can def. tell my placenta is in front, because I don't feel this baby nearly as much as I felt Kason at 20 weeks.  It's pretty typical to feel her kick very lightly in the morning, and then a few more times when I lay down to go to sleep at night.  Other than that, I rarely feel her during the day.  This makes for a very nervous momma. Those tiny movements ensure that she's ok, and moving around like she's supposed to.  When I don't feel her I get worreed something is wrong.  Thankfully, this should get better as she gets bigger.  Can't wait to be able to feel her moving around all day long!

Most excited thing: We're SO close to settling on a name.  I actually think we've settled on it, because it's one we've liked for a while and keep coming back to, but we just haven't made the final call.  We're not keeping it top secret like last time and will tell close friends and family.  This is mainly for Kason's sake.  We want him to get used to her name, and hearing other people talk about her.  That being said, I won't announce it publicly (Duane's request) until she is born.

Most annoying thing: Heart burn and not being able to sleep.  It's just amazing how quickly things kick in this time around.  At 20 weeks with Kason I was sleeping great. With this girl, not so much.  I've also started feeling braxton hicks contractions already.  I was totally freaked out the first time I felt one (sine I knew exactly what it was) but then I googled it and talked to my mom and realized it's completely normal.  So, keep contracting body!  This momma wants a quick delivery! :)

Cravings:  Still loving those salads.  Especially Panera's grilled chicken caesar salad.  I also crave Chick Fil A's tortilla soup.  SO GOOD!

Sickness: Still feeling nauseous and throwing up every now and then.  I think it's here to stay.  Oh well.

Next appointment: March 14!  Two days before my sweet boy turns TWO!!

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  1. Hi Kelly! I am new to your blog and I found you through Kelly's Korner. My husband and I also live in IN and are expecting a child! Yay for making it to the half way point, you look great!