Saturday, June 1, 2013


Today I find myself so thankful for these things. . . 

. . . a husband that has taken over Kason duty and housework along with keeping up with grad school and work related things.   It's not easy to keep up with Kason full time, one-on-one, but he has done an incredible job and I am so thankful.  I am so nervous for him to go back to work Monday, but thankful for all the help he's given me the last week.

. . . a son that seems to understand that momma can't do much right now.  I was so nervous about this, because we are so go-go-go, but Kason seems to be fine with playing at home and in our yard.  I'm sure he will get bored with me over the next two weeks, but I'm glad he's at an age where it's not hard to entertain him.

. . . friends and family that bring dinner and offer to help out in any way.  Oh my goodness, we have been blessed.  We've already had several meals brought to us, and our small group at church has arranged for us to have meals brought 3 nights a week.  I am just in awe of people's kindness and love for us.   This is a huge burden lifted, considering I can't stand long enough to cook, let alone make a trip to the grocery.  I've had so many texts, facebook messages, and phone calls from people wanting to help in anyway possible.  I am so, so thankful for these people and their willingness to help.

. . . understanding clients, and helpful friends.  I had photo sessions scheduled until 37 weeks.  Most people work up until their due date, and because Kason wasn't born until almost 40 weeks, I didn't see a problem with scheduling so close to my due date.  When I got put on bed rest, I still have 3.5 weeks of sessions scheduled.  My clients were so understanding, and most rescheduled for September.  My babies that hit their milestones at that time opted to have my friend Jess shoot their session, while I still edit.  I am SO grateful that Jess was more than willing to help me out with these 3 sessions.

. . . making it another day.  I'm miserable.  Walking is hard, and I'm still contracting 2-4 times per hour. My stomach and back constantly hurt.  BUT she is still growing inside of me.  I will be in pain until 41 weeks if it means she can fully develop inside of me.  Any amount of pain in worth it for our daughter. So, when I find myself in a lot of pain and complaining, I remind myself that the pain means another day.

. . . a God that has made me feel at peace.  If you know me, you know that I am not a calm person.  I get anxious and stressed out very easily.  Through this whole process, I have been relatively calm.  That can only be explained by a God that took my in his arms, and assured me things would be okay.  He is the reason for my peace, and I am so thankful.

And because I don't like posts with no photos, the two people I am most thankful for through the past tough days.
 photo Golf_6S_zpsf2a9c907.jpg
{photo taken a couple of weeks ago.  Kason's first time golfing 9 holes with daddy.}

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