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Haddie Kate {the birth story}

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Haddie is nestled up next to me, and Kason is napping, so I finally have some time to put the finishing touches on the story of our girl's birthday. I still often read through Kason's birth story, and love each and every one of those memories.  Time goes so quickly, so I know how important it is to blog these memories.  So, without further adoo, here is the birth story of Haddie Kathryn.

This pregnancy has been so eventful!  Between not being able to find a heartbeat in the beginning,  preterm labor, and having a baby that continually measured small, it's safe to say that this girl has kept us on our toes.  Going into labor at 32 weeks was the scariest thing I've ever gone through.  I'm so glad our girl stayed cooking longer, but at the same time, I mentally prepared myself to meet Haddie early.  I figured as soon as I went off of bed rest at 36 weeks, we'd meet her.  Boy, was I wrong!  When 38 weeks rolled around, I was getting so, so anxious to meet my girl.  I kept reminding myself to savor my time with Kason, and remain patient.  I prayed over and over again that God would bring Haddie into this world in his own perfect time.  Sure enough, he did just that.

On Sunday, July 7th, I was getting ready for church.  It was a typical Sunday, and I had once again woken up disappointed that no sort of labor had happened in the middle of the night.  The next day would bring 39 weeks, and the fear of induction was getting closer.  I was discouraged, but prayed the same thing, "God, whenever you're ready, we're ready."  At church that morning is when I remember feeling a really strong contraction.  One that I actually had to sit down for in the middle of a song.  I didn't have another one for about 15 minutes, so I didn't really think anything of it.  I went on with my day, went to lunch at my in-laws house, and nothing really changed.  I was still having strong contractions every 10-15 minutes.  However, that had been happening for 6 weeks, so no big deal!  During Kason's nap Duane offered to clean the house and told me to go lay by the pool.  I took him up on that offer because I had this feeling that it would be my last "me" time for a while.  I laid by the pool and enjoyed some time feeling Haddie move inside of me.  I remember thinking that I would miss those movements, but I was SO ready to meet her.  I headed home from the pool and went home to snuggle Kason after his nap.  We decided that it would be fun to take Kason to his favorite place, the golf course that evening.  He loves to go play golf with daddy, and we figured a rough golf cart ride could only help induce labor.  So, off we went.  I won't lie, pretty much as soon as we got there I was feeling miserable.  I was having strong contractions that were getting painful.  They were still about 8 minutes apart, and I often have lots of contractions in the evening, so once big deal.  These contractions were really painful, and were indeed getting closer together, so once we got home I told Duane I wanted to go on a walk and bounce on a yoga ball to try to "make it happen".  We gave Kason a bath and headed out for a walk.  This is when I would say that labor actually started. :)

It was about 8 pm when we headed out on our walk.  The contractions were so painful that I had to stop and breath through them.  Kason was not a fan of the slow paced walk, but it was all I could do to not get on all fours right in the middled of the sidewalk.  We walked maybe a mile and I knew during that walk that we'd be having a baby soon, but I was still leery.  We got home and I bounced on a yoga ball and started timing contractions.  Sure enough, they were about 4 minutes apart, and they were painful.  I still wanted to wait to call my doctor, so I got into the shower and tried to relax.  At that point, there was no relaxing and I quickly go myself showered and ready to head to the hospital.  Around 10 pm, I called the doctor to let her know that my contractions were about 3 minutes apart.  She told me to go ahead and come in.  We made a mad dash to pack some last minute things, and get Kason ready to go to my parent's house.  By about 11 pm, we were headed out the door.  

Poor Kason was so thrown off, and I think he could sense something wasn't right.  He has been asking me all evening if I was ok.  When I would stop and breath through a contraction he'd pat my back and say "Mommy, ok??" with a concerned look on his face.  So, needless to say, when we dropped him off at my parents he started screaming.  Not the exit I wanted.  This of course left me in tears and made for an emotional goodbye.  I knew in my heart that it was the last time I'd see my baby and he would be my only baby.  I felt bad that his little life was about to get rocked upside down.  I felt bad that he was upset that mommy was leaving.  It was rough.  Finally, I just peeled myself away and Duane and I headed to the hospital.  We pulled in around 11:45.  They checked me into triage, and it was time to find out if our sweet Haddie would be joining us!

The nurse I had through delivery was just awesome.  She asked me several questions as I was laying uncomfortably, and then hooked me up to monitors.  She then checked my cervix and gave me great news, I was dilated to 6 cm!  That's 3 cm more than I was at my appointment a week prior.  I remember her checking and immediately saying "OK!  Let's go have ourselves a baby!"  I was so excited, but the nerves were starting to set in.  We got taken to room #2, the room I would later deliver a perfect baby girl in.  I wasn't in extreme pain yet, but went ahead and got an epidural.  I had contemplated going without it, just because I had a bad experience with Kason, but decided to get one.  Looking back, I wish I would have waited longer, but oh well.  About an hour after I got the epidural (around 12:30 am) the nurse came in and said "It looks like this baby is ready to come!"  I guess her heart rate was going up and down, and the nurse said that was due to the fact that her head was so low.  She checked me, and I was still only 7 cm.  I went ahead and called my friend Megan who would be photographing Haddie's birth.  Since the nurse acted like it would go quickly, I wanted to make sure she was there in plenty of time.  Megan arrived to the hospital around 1:30 am, about the time that my contractions started to slow down.  Of course. :)  My doctor came in at that point and broke my water.  She then asked if I wanted to start pitocin to make the contractions stronger again, and I declined.  I wanted nothing to do with pitocin, and knew how quickly labor progressed when after my water was broken with Kason.  I told her I wanted to wait it out a bit longer and see what happened.
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Around 3:30 am, my nurse came back in to check me, and I was at 9 cm!  I was so excited, and was getting really anxious.  Of course, contractions stopped coming so strongly again.  I was getting discouraged, but still didn't want any extra "help" to get the contractions to go.  I knew my body knew what it was doing, and would progress when it was ready.  About 2 hours later, I started to get the urge to push.  I called my nurse and she checked me and said I was still at about 9 cm, but if I wanted to start practice pushes, I could.  So, with every contraction I pushed, to try and encourage Haddie to come.  Around 6:45 am, I felt strong pressure, and knew it was time!  My nurse checked me, and I was finally complete!  It was about this time that I noticed my epidural had pretty much worn off.  I could lift my legs, and was feeling the pain and pressure of each contraction.  My nurse asked me if I'd like another dose before I started pushing, but I declined.  I had 2 doses with Kason and the result was not good.  I ended up being numb from the neck down, and was hardly coherent enough to hold him after her was born.  I knew that the pushing would be painful, but I wanted to be able to be as alert as possible when Haddie came out.  About this time is when all the real "action" started happening. :)
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At 7 am, my room became full of nurses running around preparing things for Haddie.  I couldn't believe how many people were in the room.  God bless my nurse that had been with me all along, this was supposed to be the end of her shift, but she stayed with me for the next couple of hours.  I just loved her!  My doctor (Dr. Cruz) came in around 7 am and I was ready to push!  It was such a weird feeling, because with Kason I was so numb that I couldn't really feel the pushes.  That's probably why I pushed for so long.  With Haddie, I could feel her moving down, and my pushes were much more effective and MUCH more painful.  I started pushing at 7 am.  Around 7:15 am, my doctor told me to stop pushing, because the lady next door was about to have her baby as well, and she needed to go deliver that baby.  I totally understand her needing to leave, but don't tell a lady with a baby's head coming out of..well stop pushing!  My nurses let me keep pushing, because I was in so much discomfort.  Around 7:25, they told me to stop pushing, and called my doctor back in.  It was like a race to see which of use would deliver first. :)  My doctor came back in and I gave it several strong pushes and at 7:32 am, our sweet Haddie Kathryn came into the world.  I felt everything, and have to admit how cool (although incredibly painful) it was to feel my daughter come out.  This is the part of the birth story that got a little scary.
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When Haddie came out, I had expected them to put her on my chest, just like with Kason.  I had made it clear that I wanted to nurse her right away, and I wanted her placed skin-to-skin as soon as possible.  When she came out, I could see her in my doctor's arms.  Her face was so purple, and she wasn't breathing.  I literally felt like I couldn't breath either.  She wasn't breathing, and wasn't crying.  They told me that they needed to take her over to the warmer and they would bring her right back to me.  I immediately started crying and praying for my girl.  Duane walked over to the warmer with her, and I watched from a distance.  Finally, about 30 seconds (which seemed SO much longer at the time), I heard her whimper a bit.  Still not a loud cry, but at least I knew she was breathing.  The nurses assured me that she was fine, but I was an emotional mess.  I just wanted to hold my girl, but instead was stuck in bed being sewn up (I had a MUCH better tear this time than with Kason, so thankful for that).  After the longest 15 minutes of my life, Haddie was finally letting our loud cries, and her Apgar score (she had to be tested twice because she was so unresponsive to begin with) was finally high enough for me to hold her.  They brought her to me, and for the first time I got to see my gorgeous girl's sweet little face.  She is just the prettiest little thing, with SO much dark hair.  In my ultrasounds the tech. said she didn't see much hair, so I was shocked when I saw how much she actually had.
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Those next few minutes were some of the most precious of my life.  I nursed her for the first time and it went so well.  SO much easier than with Kason.  I then laid her on my chest and thanked God for another perfect baby.  She completes our family, and we couldn't be happier.  She had her first bath and Duane got to snuggle her as well, before big brother came into meet her.  It was such a perfect birthday story for our baby girl.
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We spent the next 48 hours in the hospital loving on our girl and introducing her to friends and family.  Kason's first meeting with her was so, so special that I want to do an entire blog post devoted to that moment.

That's the story of our girl's birthday.  We love her more than words can express, and are so thankful that God chose us to be her parents.
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**We couldn't be more thankful to my friend Megan (Megan Lindsey Photography) that photographed Haddie's birth.  These photos are absolutely priceless to us.**


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