Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Quarter of a Century

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband! He turned 25 today...and is feeling pretty old! I have been blessed with one amazing husband. I could list off all of the things I love about him..but that could take all night and I don't want to bore you with the mushy-gushy stuff. I will just say that I am so thankful that I married such a positive man. If you know me at all you know that I am not the most positive person. Not something I am proud of, but I will be the first to admit it. It's something I've always struggled with and am constantly trying to improve. Duane has helped me tremendously with this. He is always working to change my mood around, and I love this! This is one of the qualities I have fallen more in love with since we've been married. Ok....enough with the romantic stuff (my sister is probably throwing up as she reads this post).

Duane desperately wanted to go skiing/snowboarding for his birthday. He has only been once and has been dyeing to go back ever since. I too have only be skiing once, and to be honest, one time was enough for me. In case you're unaware, the cold and I are NOT good friends. Which automatically means skiing and I aren't good friends. BUT since I knew how bad Duane wanted to do this, I sucked it up and went with it. After all, the guy did surprise me with a massage for my birthday, so what's a girl to do?!

We left early this morning and headed to Perfect North with some of our best friends, Todd and Carrie. I must say, it was a lot of fun! Yes I said it...skiing was fun! I only fell a handful of times and snowboarding came back to Duane with no problem. I actually stayed on the slopes for six hours! Not bad considering I brought papers to grade because I was just sure I'd spend all day in the lodge. It was extremely crowded, which made for a lot of people dodging, but overall is was a great trip. We are so happy to have such wonderful friends close to home to share these memories with.

Here are some pictures from the day....

Duane and I worn out from skiing!

Carrie and I

Todd and Carrie

That is a hill I did NOT go down, but Todd did!

Duane and I are both incredibly sore already. I have a feeling we both won't be able to walk tomorrow..but it was well worth it. Happy Birthday Duane! I love you! :)

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