Monday, June 28, 2010

Kaia - Class of 2010!

Guess who graduated from dog obedience school?! Our 1 year old, totally crazy, totally sweet German Shepherd, that's who!
She listened to my instructions (kind of).
She sat and stayed (kind of).
She stood and stayed for the inspection (she actually did this, scored a 40/40 in this category!).
And she WON FIRST PLACE! Out of how many dogs you ask, well is that really important? If you must know..3. Well, ok, 2 considering one of the other dog's owners was a dog trainer and didn't compete. But she still got first place and for that we are very proud!
All I know, is that she wins 1st place in the cutest dog in the world contest. Even if she's not the smartest and is outside digging deep into the concrete as I type this, who cares! She's cute and sweet and we love her! :)

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