Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just Add Water

This weekend we were able to spend a little time at the lake with some of my most favorite people. Words can't express how much I enjoy being at the lake. I love it and everything that come along with it. I love being able to go out on the water and not worry about what time it is. I love laying on the boat and soaking up the rays (not that there were many this weekend!). I love sitting around the fire talking about life and numerous childhood memories. I love all of these things but there is one reason that I love the lake that trumps all of the other reasons. The lake is where some of my most favorite childhood memories took place.

We have been going to boating with the Whittaker family since I can remember. When I was younger and life wasn't so hectic, we spent many summer weekends out on the boat. Whether it be hanging out at the lake lot at Herritage, houseboating at Dalehollow, playing in the water of Lake Michigan, or spending the day tubing at Racoon Lake..we were always at the lake! It was so much fun and I love reminiscing on all of the fun times our family experienced with the Whittakers. We talk about the bumps and bruises we've gotten from tubbing, and believe me, there have been lots! We talk about the first time we skied and wake boarded. We talk about the numerous baths we've taken off the back of the house boat at Dale Hollow. I could go on and on, but I won't bore you with those things! The Whittakers (and now Reitzels) are more like family to me than friends. Unfortunately, life gets busier and busier the older we all get, but the lake seems to be the one place that always brings everyone back together.

We headed out to Herritage last night to spend some time with Nicole, her husband, and Steve. Josh (Nicole's husband) grilled some fabulous pork and chicken and we all ate way too much! After dinner were took a nighttime cruise on the lake. Talk about relaxing! After we got back to the house we sat around a fire and talked for a while. We were lucky enough to spend the night at the lake house, so that we could get up early and get some wake boarding in before the rain. Believe it or not, we were up at 7 to try and get the "glassy" water (as Steve calls it). We all were able to wake board and I even got to solum ski for the first time since I was in high school! Duane did really well on the wake board and I am impressed with the progress he's made in the past few summers. I was a big whimp and couldn't manage to get over the wake this morning, but there's always next time, right?! We ended the morning with lunch and lots more talking! Nicole and I tend to take after our moms when it comes to socializing! :)

It was a great, short trip and just what we needed. A big thanks to the Whittakers whom are always so gracious in inviting us out to the lake. I can't wait for many more memories in the future!

A few pictures from the weekend...

Pretty flowers on the lake

Nicole cutting up some fruit for dinner

Duane ready to wake board

Made it over the wake!


Nicole..a little better than me!

Steve is the real master wake boarder!

Duane and I on the boat

Nicole and half of Steve..strange! :)

Nicole and Josh

See me? :)

Love this girl!

The four of us!

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