Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Ramblings

{At least we had some blue skies and sun made for some pretty pictures!}

Well this is snow/ice day #3 for me.  Just found out that tomorrow will be #4!  I am currently watching the weather and we're supposed to get 1 - 2 inches of snow this weekend and then 3 - 4 inches early next week.  That's on top of all of this ice!  Enough already!  I am longing for spring like you wouldn't believe!!

This is going to be a pretty random post..but I have a few things I've been meaning to blog about so I thought I'd just throw them into 1 post!

#1 . . . 


This has been my favorite pregnancy snack for the past few months.  I have always loved chocolate milk , but I recently discovered these Z Bars (Cliff kid's bars) and they are so yummy.  They are also very healthy and give me an energy boost.  Now I'm not a huge health nut or anything, but I have tried to eat a little healthier throughout my pregnancy.  Mainly because I want Baby G to be a healthy boy, but also because I don't want to blow up like a blimp! :) 

 Today I was lucky enough to score this HUGE box of Z Bars at Target (my favorite store EVER). . .


Usually a box of 6 Z Bars is like $6..kind of pricy.  Today at Target I found this box of 18 for $8!   I was pretty excited about my find!

#2. . . 

At my first shower, my sister had everyone bring a book instead of a card.  Being the teacher that I am, I LOVED this!  Baby G got hooked up with quite the library.  One of the ladies at the shower got me this book. . . 


It is written by Tony and Lauren Dungy (the former Colts coach and his wife).  I had never read it before and it's really cute!  The coolest part about this gift was what was on the inside cover. . . 


Patti had Tony and his wife autograph the book!  So cool!  She even gave me pictures of Tony and Lauren signing the book.  Now I know Dungy is no longer the coach, but if Baby G is a huge sports fan like his daddy, he will think that this book and autograph is really cool someday! :)

#3. . . 

My sweet baby boy will be here in just 6 short weeks!  When he gets here he will be one stylin' little guy!  Check out two of my favorite things Baby G owns. . . 


A girl I graduated high school with made this for Baby G.  I saw that she was making them on her facebook page, and had to have one!  I love the way it came out and think it will be SUPER cute in pictures.  If you want her contact info. let me know! :)


Baby G has so many pairs of shoes I often forget about some of them.  I was organizing some stuff today and came across these.  I bought them on black Friday and completely forgot about them!  I can't wait for him to wear them! :)

#4 (and most important). . . 


This is the most recent picture of our sweet baby boy.  Since I was so sick last week the doctor wanted me to get another ultrasound to make sure Baby G was still healthy in his mama's belly.  There was no objection from this mama!  I was so excited to see that cute face one last time before he is actually here.  The quality is not the best, but I am seeing a lot of Duane in this one.  He also looks a lot like his cousin, Korbin.  Can't wait to see and hold this little guy! :)

I told you that this would be a random post!  That's what cabin fever does to a pregnant lady!

Happy Thursday! :)

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  1. That is a nice picture of the ice - although I'm sure the ice isn't very fun!
    ADORABLE baby boy hat and shoes.. You're getting so close to meeting him!!