Saturday, February 26, 2011

You Know...{Part 2}

You know your baby is full term when. . . 

...Your hospital bag is packed and ready to go!  Just in case your little guy decides to come a little early!

...Bending down used to be difficult, now it's near impossible.  Kaia has gotten to eat a lot of people food because her mama is too lazy to bend down and pick up any food she drops! :)

...You are nesting like crazy!  Everyday I am trying hard to finish up every little detail of Baby G's nursery.  I've also been nesting at school, running around like a crazy person trying to get everything ready for the sub that will take over my classroom for the remainder of the school year.

...You have lots of contractions throughout the day and are constantly trying to time them.  Unfortunately, they don't come in intervals I will have to wait a little longer!

...You get a pedicure because you don't want to have gross feet when your in labor! Ha! :)

...You have a lot of difficulty getting up off of the couch.  Duane has to help me up if I've been sitting for a while.

...You waddle.  Enough said! :)

...Your baby is so low, it feels as though he might just fall out at times.  Such a wonderful picture, I'm sure! 

...When you go to the bathroom in a public restroom, the stall door runs into your stomach.  Ugh!

...You are SO ready to see your baby's kicks on the outside of your stomach as opposed to the inside.  They will be a whole lot less painful! :)

...You wear a t-shirt that is designed to look like a piece of notebook paper and your husband says the paper looks like wide rule instead of college rule.  He says he meant it lovingly..I'm not so sure!

...You are really starting to get anxious about your baby's arrival.  Duane and I are both a little on edge since we have no idea when it will happen.  It could happen tomorrow or it could still be three weeks away.  I'm just trying to be patient and leave it in God's hands.  That's about all I can do at this point!

Just like I said in my post here I am even MORE excited and nervous about Baby G's arrival.  I can't wait to see his sweet face and finally be able to hold and snuggle him.  I literally cry every time I think about meeting him.  I can't imagine how emotional I'll be when the day actually comes.  

It seems like yesterday I was saying 3 months seems so it's just 3 WEEKS!  We can hardly wait! :)




  1. your such a tiny little thing!! AND BEAUTIFUL TOO!! can't wait to see pics of you and the baby girly.


  2. So excited for you both! Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you!

    janet, kevin, ted, philip, and elijah