Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kason is 1 month!


Today is Kason's one month birthday!  I can hardly believe that a month has past.  It seems like it has flown by.  Like I said in Kason's one week post, I need time to slow down a little bit! :)

We went to the doctor yesterday and here are Kason's current measurements:

Weight: 8 lbs. 12 oz. - 25th percentile
Length: 20 and 1/2 inches - 25th percentile
Head: 14 and 1/2 - 25th percentile

He is a tad bit on the small size, but the doctor was pleased with his weight gain.  I think we all know he will most likely be on the short side! :) I can't believe he weighs less at 1 month than some babies weigh when they are born.  He is still wearing all newborn clothes.  I hope he can fit into all of his 0-3 month clothes soon, because he's running out of newborn outfits!  We're trying hard to find a cute Easter outfit the fits! :)

Here are some of Kason's current favorites:

Kason loves. . . 

...Cuddling!  He loves to take naps (safely I promise:)) with his momma.  This has become our morning ritual and I love it!

...Rocking on daddy's legs!  Duane sets Kason on his legs, props them up, and rocks them back and forth.  Kason loves this and it always helps him fall asleep!

...Eating!  This little guy still loves to eat!  He is still eating about every 2 hours during the day and every 4 - 5 hours at night.

...Walks, car rides, etc.  Kason loves to be in his car seat as long as we are moving.  He loves his stroller and it always puts him to sleep.

...His play-mat!  Just this week he has really started focusing on the animals hanging from his play-mat.  One of the animals plays music and he always turns his head to see where the music is coming from.  So cute! :)

Kason does not love. . . 

...Tummy aches.  This poor little guy has been getting some bad stomach aches.  Mylicon gas drops do help, but sometimes he just has to cry it out.  This makes his momma one sad lady!  It's so hard to see him in pain.  I hope these don't hang around for long!

...Baths.  Although, they are getting better, he still is not a fan of bath time!

...Falling asleep.  Most recently, Kason has started fighting sleep when he's tired.  He gets fussy for a few minutes before he finally gives in and goes to sleep.

...Waiting for food.  Just like in his one week post, this boy does not want to have to wait to eat.  When he's hungry, he's hungry, and there's no making him happy unless you're...well me! :)

I tried to have a little mini photo shoot with Kason today.  It was somewhat unsuccessful (which is why I'm not a professional!) but I got a couple of cute pictures!  My friend Morgan go me the sticker that's on his onsie.  There is a sticker for every month.  I love them!


{Someone did not want to look up at me! :)}



Happy one month birthday sweet boy!  Momma and daddy love you so so much! :)

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