Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kason is 9 months!

I thought I should get Kason's 9 month update posted since he's almost 9.5 months!  Christmas kept us busy!

Happy 9 month birthday to our sweet baby boy!

Monthly stats:

Weight: 17 lbs. 1 oz - 10th percentile
Height: 27 inches - 2nd percentile
Head: 50th percentile

Here's what Kason is up to...

...Taking steps!  Over the past week Kason has really been trying to walk.  He will take 4-5 steps and then tumble to the ground.  He will walk from one piece of furniture to the other and spends most of the day walking around the coffee table, couch, and entertainment center.  I have a feeling within the next couple of weeks we'll have a full time walker.  Look out world, Kason is about to take over!  I was able to get a few steps on video on Christmas!

...Showing his true personality!  This little guy is feisty!  If you take something away from him that he's not supposed to have (which is about every 5 min.) he scoots his bottom lip out and starts wailing.  Duane asked the other day if it was normal for a baby to have a temper so early.  I said probably not, but since we both have tempers, he's bound to start early!  Duane is pretty firm on not giving things to him just because he cries.  We don't want a child that thinks that crying can get him what he wants.  :)

...Getting teeth!  Yep, that's right!  Our 9 month old finally has a tooth!  About a week ago (a week after his 9 month birthday) I noticed something white on his bottom gum.  Upon further investigation, I realized it was a tooth!  I'm almost certain the tooth to the left of it is working on popping through as well.

...Dancing!  Kason's little booty starts bouncing anytime he hears music. It's so cute to watch him smile and start moving.  We have a wedding on new years eve so I'm anxious to dance with my little guy!

Every month Kason becomes less of a baby and more like a little boy.  He is SO funny and I love to watch him explore and discover new things all day long.  I'm so thankful for my 2 week winter break and will be very sad when it ends!


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  1. Happy 9 months to Kason!!! :) I love the snow pics below.... I want snow- send some to Ky!