Monday, March 18, 2013


Kason turned two this weekend!  I knew that since his birthday was on a Saturday this year, I wanted to do something special with him.  Kason LOVES "choo-choos", airplanes, and basketball.  Those are his favorite things by far, so I knew I wanted to do something that had to do with 1 or all of those things.  We did some research, and finally decided to make a day trip to Chicago to the Museum of Science and Industry.  I hadn't been there since I was a kid, and they had a huge train exhibit that I knew Kason would love.  Day trips with 2 year olds can be challenging to say the least, but I'm all about getting out and seeing and doing, so we sucked it up and made it a fun day!

We left around 9 (an hour later then planner..that's life though) and headed to Chicago.  It took us about 3 hours to get there.  Kason was a trooper in the car.  Although, he was very high maintenance and wanted to watch Mickey over and over again, he never cried once.  He also never slept, which kind of stunk because he was tired when we got to the museum.  He was just so excited...he kept saying "choo-choos, waer (Lake Michigan), cited (excited)!"  I think he didn't want to miss anything, so he forced himself to stay awake. :)

We stayed at the museum for a couple of hours.  We saw choo-choos, airplains, tractors, and lots of other really cool stuff.  Kason was SO good, considering he hadn't had a nap, or lunch.  We realized that about 2 hours was his limit, but that's ok.  Next time we'll spend the night and get to the museum much earlier so we can see more.  I could just see the wheels in Kason's head spinning as he looked at each exhibit.  That made the long drive, and all the back pain from walking so worth it!
 photo Chicago_4S_zps2059da65.jpg
 photo Chicago_5S_zps0bf18853.jpg
 photo Chicago_6S_zps2c794273.jpg
 photo Chicago_8S_zps6f3d6127.jpg
 photo Chicago_7S_zpsf5895022.jpg
 photo Chicago_9S_zpsacf69966.jpg
 photo Chicago_11S_zps981c35a1.jpg
 photo Chicago_10S_zpsbcb11f6b.jpg
{This wasn't even HALF of the train exhibit!!!}
 photo Chicago_12S_zps7bf637cc.jpg
 photo Chicago_13S_zpse17a63fb.jpg
 photo Chicago_14S_zps79ced564.jpg
 photo Chicago_16S_zps58bba3ba.jpg
 photo Chicago_15S_zps5aa58358.jpg
 photo Chicago_17S_zps98384236.jpg
 photo Chicago_18S_zpsd4906cdc.jpg

The museum is right on Lake Michigan, so the day before we told Kason he would get to see lots of water.  He loves water, and is just infatuated by it.  Turn out it was 30 degrees, so we literally walked out to the lake, took a picture, and went back inside.  So. Cold.
 photo Chicago_23S_zps8388a323.jpg

After the museum, we headed to one of Duane's favorite deeps dish pizza places, Giordaon's.  By this point it was 3:30, and we were all starving.  Kason waited pretty patiently for the pizza to cook, and had some spaghetti while he waited. :)
 photo Chicago_21S_zps30b78881.jpg
 photo Chicago_19S_zps49665f09.jpg

I snapped a couple of pictures of Kason running down the street before we left.  That's how you get a picture of a 2 year old, you chase them! :)
 photo Chicago_1S_zps76ca2859.jpg
 photo Chicago_2S_zps0bc418ed.jpg
 photo Chicago_3S_zpsf3e84db4.jpg

Sweet boy FINALLY passed out on the way home, and slept the entire 3 hours!  It was a busy, jam packed day, but SO worth it.  I love making these memories with Kason and Duane.  I can't wait to make many more with a new addition in a few months. :)
 photo Chicago_22S_zpse418e72b.jpg


  1. What a fabulous trip! Glad it went so well :) Preston love's choo choo's as well!!!

  2. What a special birthday!!! I love making memories :)