Saturday, March 16, 2013

my sweet TWO year old

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Dear Kason,

        I cannot believe I am typing this, but today you are TWO years old.  Two years ago today, at 4:45 p.m. I held you for the first time.  Two years ago today, you made me a momma.  Two years ago, I learned what it was like to have my heart live outside of my body.  Two years ago, I fell in love with your sweet, 7 lb. 3 oz. body.  I couldn't believe how much I loved you, just in the first seconds of your life.  That love has kept growing and growing and I can say that today, believe it or not, I love you more than I did two years ago.  You, my sweet boy, make my life so, so joyful.

        I'll be honest with you, this birthday is a hard one for your momma.  Two seems SO old to me.  Two is like a toddler, not a baby anymore.  You are turning into such a little boy, and as much as I love watching you grow, there is a part of me that is so sad that you are no longer a baby.  I am so glad that you still give me plenty of snuggles, and that you still cry for momma when you are sad.  I love that you still rock with me before bedtime, and that when you meet new people you burry your head into my shoulder. Those things are still very much a baby part of you.  But the other part?  The other part of you is a little boy.  A little boy that could watch and play basketball for hours on end.  A little boy that could drive cars and fly "airnanes" all around the house for hours.  A little boy that love "pupcakes" and "coo-ies".  A little boy that has lots of opinions and is very strong willed.  You are growing from a sweet baby, to an even sweeter, crazier, busier toddler.

       At 2 years old, your personality is contagious.  You are shy around new people, but I think you got your momma's and daddy's outgoing personalities.  You love to make people laugh, and you make me laugh so hard all day long with your crazy dance moves and daredevil stunts.  You love to play with your friends, and love to chase around your best friend of all, Kaia.  You love to be on-the-go, which is good because so does your momma.  You love bikes and anything that has to do with sports.  You are SUCH an active little guy, and you make my days so much fun.  I can see so much of your daddy in your personality, and that makes my heart so happy, because I know how much fun your daddy is.  He can make any boring situation fun, and I'm so glad that you inherited that trait from him.  As much as you are like your daddy, you are so much like you momma too.  You are very strong willed and stubborn.  You can thank me for both of those characteristics. :)  Those things can be hard at times, but I'm glad you have a strong willed personality.  I'm glad you'll stand up for yourself when you don't think something is right.  I know that right now it's just little things like protesting naps, but some day I hope that strong willed personality will lead you to stand up for yourself in all situations.  I can't wait to continue to watch your little (ok, BIG) personality grow and change.

       So today, on your second birthday, I want you to know how exciting it is to watch you grow.  I am  so glad that God chose me to be your momma for the time that you are here on earth with us.  I have to remind myself sometimes that you are God's child, but I'm so glad he entrusted us to raise you.  You have changed me so much in two years and blessed me more than you will ever know.  This year will be filled with changes for our family, as we welcome your baby sister into our lives, but don't you worry, there is plenty of love to go around.  Your sister will be forever grateful to you, for you are the one that taught me what it's like to love unconditionally.  The one that taught me what it means to be called "momma".  I am so excited for your next year of life.  I know you will grow so much in the next year, and I also know that my love for you will continue to grow.

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."

Happy second birthday, Kason Asher!

Your momma

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{minutes old}
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{1 year old}
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{2 year old} 

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  1. So unbelievably sweet :) I hope you are feeling well!

    How is this pregnancy different than your first?