Saturday, January 22, 2011

32 Weeks!


Today I am 32 weeks!
Only TWO more months to go before Baby G is here!

Pregnancy Updates:

Baby G's size: He weighs about 4 pounds (that's about what he weighed at our last ultrasound) and is 16.7 inches long.  Poor little guy is squished inside my belly!  Where is he going to go in the next 2 months?!

My size: I've gained about 16 pounds.  I didn't gain any weight between my last two doctors visits.  I am really hungry a lot of the time but with all the extra stuff going on in my stomach..there's not much room for my actual stomach!  I eat a few bites and feel full even though I'm starving.  Such a weird feeling!

Most excited thing: LOVED the 4D ultrasound.  I can't stop looking at the pictures!  It makes me that much more anxious to hold my baby boy!  

Most annoying thing: Sleeping.  I'm lucky if I get 5 hours with about 3 bathroom breaks.  I know that when Baby G is here I won't be getting much uninterrupted sleep..but at lease I'll be able to sleep WELL for a few hours at a time.  I can't wait to lay on my stomach again and to be able to lay on my back without getting lightheaded!!

Cravings: Still no weird cravings right now.

Sickness: Feeling pretty good...just really tired.  My back pain is also starting to get worse again.  Only 2 more months..I can do this!! :)

Next appointment: I go back to the doctor in a week and a half.  I think I'll have about 2 more 2 weeks appointments and then I'll start going once a week.  Oh my goodness time is flying!!


I had my first shower today and got lots of great things!  I just put in Baby G's first load of laundry and he has SO much stuff!!  I'll be sure to blog about the shower soon! :)

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