Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kason is 3 Months!


Our sweet baby boy is 3 months old today!  I think I have noticed the most changes between months 2 and 3.  He is SO alert and loves to interact with anyone that will talk to him.  He has also gotten so much bigger!  He's still little but we're slowly making strides.  He's finally getting some chubby little rolls and mama loves it!

3 Month Stats (we didn't go to the doctor this month, so these are just rough estimates): 

Weight: Around 12 lbs.
Height: About 22 1/2 inches (It's hard to measure a baby that's moving all over the place!)

Kason is still wearing all 0-3 month clothes.  He still wears a few pair of newborn pants/shorts but we are slowly phasing all of those out.  He can wear 0-3 month shorts, they just have to be rolled up.  His Children's Place sleepers are 0-3 months and they are actually getting a little small!  I can't believe I could be buying 3-6 month clothing soon!  He is growing too fast!

Here are some of Kason's current favorites...

Kason LOVES. . . 

...his toes!  This is his newest discovery.  He has been examining them for a few weeks but in the last week he has started grabbing them.  I will often look back at him in the car and he has his tiny hands squeezed around him sweet toes.  I love it!

...his paci!  This kid is for a sure a pacifier kid.  We are so grateful to whoever invented those things!

...his daddy!  Duane often comments on how much of a mama's boy Kason is.  This is true when he is really upset, I'm pretty much the only one that can calm him down (I'm not magic, I think he just feels comforted when I hold him in the position I nurse him in.  Duane just lacks boobs!  Ha!).  However, every evening Duane puts Kason on his lap and they just have a little conversation.  Kason will often try to imitate the sound Duane is making.  This melts this mama's heart for sure!

...being outside!  If Kason is ever fussy during the day, I just walk outside and he is immediately calmed down.  He loves to look around at everything that is going on outside.  He is so observant and I can almost see the little wheels in his head are just a spinning!  I can't wait to take him to the beach next week!  He will have SO much to look at! :)

Kason does NOT LOVE...

...bottles.  We are slowly making progress, but he still fights the bottle.  He will usually take a few ounces but not without putting up a fight!  

..tummy time.  I have been trying to give Kason lots of tummy time.  He likes it for a few minutes and then starts screaming.  He usually gets so mad he rolls himself over to his back.  I'm still trying to do this daily, so that he starts to like it and so that his neck gets stronger.

...sleeping lying flat.  I think this has to do with the acid reflux.  If Kason lays flat on his back to sleep he wakes up crying multiple times throughout the night.  If we lay him in his bouncy seat to sleep..he sleeps for 8+ hours!  I think we'll stick to the bouncy seat until he grows out of the reflux! :)

That's a little bit about our cute little 3 month old.  He has his 3 month pictures with Kaila today.  I can't wait to share them with you!  Here are some of the my not-so-professional 3 month pictures...





Check out his bald spot...


And a little comparison...


Happy Thursday! :)
 (I honestly had to think long and hard about what day of the week it is!  I can't even keep track anymore! :))


  1. Awww he is so cute- I love the faces he makes! Can't wait to see his 3 mo pictures- although yours are great too!
    P.S. - I see that Kelly Stamps from Kelly's Korner also had her baby on the same day! I didn't realize that until now even though I read her blog too. :)

  2. You are amazing photographer . . . although I know you have a future Calvin Klein model living in your home . . . he is easy to shoot I'm sure!