Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Day Challenge {Daily Devotion}

I've always struggled to make time to spend on a daily devotion.  I know how important it is to spend some quiet time with God on a daily basis and I know how much I need it.  So the question is..why don't I make it a priority? As soon as I make time for this quiet time, I'm so glad I did and it ultimately makes my day better.  It was hard to make time before Kason was born, now it's even harder.  When he's sleeping I'm trying to rush around the house and finish my laundry, sweet up the massive mounds of dog hair covering my wood floors, or unload the dishwasher.  By the time all of that is done he is ready to eat and quiet time is..well over!  This struggle has been on my heart a lot lately.  I need to be spending this daily time with the Lord now more than ever.  I have a couple of things that are heavy on my heart right now.  Things I am unsure about and things that I need to be praying about.  Those things along with being a new mom and a fairly new wife are all the more reason to spend time in prayer everyday.  Along with this, I need to be spending more time reading the Bible.  I need to learn about what God has to say about being the best wife and mother I can be.  He is the one that can teach me this, and I need to start taking a closer look about what he has to say.

I recently came across a blog post on one of the blogs I love about a similar dilemma.  The writer of this blog is also a mom struggling to make daily time for God.  She is hosting a 30 day challenge and I am going to try it!  So from now until June 30 I am vowing to spend at least 30 minutes reading my bible (or a devotional book) and praying for the things that are on my heart, my sweet baby boy, and my husband.  You can read a little bit more about the challenge here.  These are some questions that she asked us to think about when taking this challenge.

1. Have a plan...
What will your time alone with the Lord look like? Be prepared. -- I am going to spend some time ready out of a devotional book I got for Easter.  After that I am going to spend time praying about anything that is stressing me out about the future.

2. Have a time...
When will you spend time with the Lord? Schedule it and set that alarm! -- Kason usually wakes up to eat between 5:30 and 6 am.  I usually feed him and then go back to sleep.  I am going to make it a priority to do my devotion as soon as I lay him back down.  This is before I eat breakfast, get on the computer, or start cleaning.  It will be a challenge for sure..but it will be so worth it! :)

3. Have a place...
Where will you meet with the Lord? Find a quiet place where you will be alone and the least distracted. --  I will probably just stay in bed, with some quiet music.

4. Grab a friend...
Encourage someone to join you in this challenge and keep each other accountable! -- I told my sister, Jill, about this and I'm hoping she will do it with me and hold me accountable! 

So there it is.  I'm struggling to spend time with God everyday and this seems like the perfect challenge.  I am going to do my VERY best to keep up with it.  Feel free to head over to the McClenanhan's blog and check out the challenge for yourself!  I am off to spend day one with God.  I will keep you updated on my progress! :)

Happy Wednesday! :)

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