Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kason is 5 months!


This is about a week overdue, but when I tried to take 5 month pictures on his 5 month birthday I noticed he had a horrible I decided to wait!  So here it is..better late then never, right?!

Our sweet little guy is 5 months!  I wish I could freeze time because I love this age.  He is becoming so much more interactive and it seems like he learns something new every day.  It is so fun to watch each day to see a new skill he has learned.  We are so blessed to have this baby boy in our lives.

Current stats:

Weight: 13 lb. 4 oz.  I only know this because of our frequent visits to the doctor lately.  More on that later.
Height: Not sure and I don't feel like getting the tape measurer out!  We'll find out at his 6 month appt. in a couple of weeks!

Here is what Kason is up to at 5 months:

Kason LOVES...

...Sleeping on his tummy!  We have finally graduated Kason from sleeping in his bouncy seat to sleeping directly on his mattress.  I know, I know, I waited too long.  Don't judge me!  He just slept SO much better in his bouncy seat up until the last couple of weeks.  That's when I noticed him trying to roll over in the seat.  He would try and try and try and then finally start crying because alas, it's impossible!  It only took him a few days of mattress sleeping to figure out how to roll over to his belly.  So, this boy loves tummy sleeping!  I wish we would have known this sooner.  Maybe I would have moved him from his bouncy seat at an earlier age. 

...Kaia!  Kason has always noticed Kaia.  He would look at her when she would sit closely to him and occasionally he would reach for all of her fur.  Recently, however, he can't keep his eyes off of our crazy dog.  He loves to watch everything she does and as soon as we set him down next to her, he immediately grabs for her and smiles.  Kaia always wants to lick Kason up and down (which we discourage) and when she licks his hands he laughs.  I mean like deep belly laughs.  I don't know why but this kid loves his dog! :)

...His toes!  Kason has been aware of his toes for months now.  He grabs at them and kicks them all over the place.  A couple of days ago I caught him with his toes in his mouth.  I've seen it a couple of times since.  I think this takes the toe loving to a whole new level!

...Solids!  That's right..we have started solids!  We started oatmeal (banana flavored for my oh so picky boy) about a month ago.  Let's just say he didn't love it.  It took a couple of weeks until he finally warmed up to it.  A few nights ago he tried carrots for the first time and he loved them!  I can't wait to try new veggies and fruits in the next few weeks!

Kason does NOT love...

...Being sick.  Our little guy has been so healthy up until the last couple of weeks.  It all started with a trip to the doctor for a fever and crankiness.  He told us Kason had a double ear infection and sent us home with medicine.  Exactly a week later Kason started to get a really deep, barky cough in the middle of the night.  I took him back to the doctor and the doctor said he had croup.  He was back a few days later for a rash that I guess was caused by croup.  Ugh, I'm really hoping we're DONE with the doctor until his 6 month check up.

...Sitting still.  This kid is a mover!!  He is not one to just sit on your lap and relax.  He constantly has to be moving.  I have a feeling we're going to get very busy in the next few months!

Here are some sweet pictures of Mr. Kason at 5 months and 1 week!

{Sitting up like a big boy!}

It's hard to believe he will be halfway to a year in just 3 weeks.  Time, please slow down.  Thanks.

Happy Wednesday! :)

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