Thursday, August 25, 2011

Late night randoms

I almost laughed out loud when I titled this post and then looked at the clock.  10:03 pm.  For someone that wakes up at 5 am and teaches 22 sixth graders all day, that is late night.  Anyways...

Duane had grad school tonight and is finally on his way home.  It was a difficult night flying solo, but I'm proud to say I had Kason fed, bathed, and in bed by 9:20.  I was pretty proud of myself seeing as it's the first time I've accomplished this alone.  However, I give props to all the single parents out there.  I have no idea how you do it.  In an attempt to keep my eyes open so that I can at least see my husband once today, I decided to blog some random things that are on my mind.  Watch brain + late night = some crazy thoughts!

1. Today, after picking Kason up from my mom's I took a glance in the mirror.  I had my camera bag, diaper bag, and purse on one arm.  On the other arm I had my breast pump, milk cooler, lunch, and car seat.  I looked like a crazy bag lady....or just a working, busy mama!  I wanted to snap a picture with my phone, but I'm not that talented!

2. I think all moms should have at least 4 arms based on my statement above.  It would just make life a whole lot easier.

3. Today at school I have to explain to one of my students that it's actually not a good idea to climb inside your locker and attempt to lock yourself in.  I love this student...he makes me laugh on a daily basis but he sure does keep me on my toes! 

4. I bought a Baby Bullet tonight.  I have gone back and fourth as to what type of baby food maker I wanted to get.  After reading LOTS of reviews I can see positives and negatives to about every food maker out there.  I talked to several people that own the Baby Bullet and love I decided to go for it!  Be looking for a baby food making blog post in the near future (which lets be honest..could be a year at this point).

5. I think I could watch HGTV all day everyday.  If I had to give up all channels except one..I'd probably choose HGTV.  Love it!

6. At Taget this evening I was behind an extreme couponer.  I mean...binder and all.  She was buying about 20 toothpaste bottles at a killer deal.  It was the kind of toothpaste I use and I'll admit I was slightly jealous. However, that extreme couponing looks extremely hard and extremely time consuming.  I think I'll keep my sanity.  We all know I don't have much left as it is!

7. Kason tried sweet potatoes last night and LOVED them.  My mom said they were my favorite when I was little.  Now I think they are ga-ross...but I'm glad he likes them!

8. My milk supply is going down.  The lactation consultant said this would happen after a few weeks back at work.  I'm so worried I'll have to stop nursing Kason sooner than I wanted.  I'm hoping to make it to 12 months.  I got some sort of herb that was recommended to me.  I hope it helps.  Sorry if this random thought was too much information.

9. I got the People Magazine that gives the scoop on Kim Kardashian's wedding.  SO excited to read it but can already tell you I am not impressed with her dresses.  I'll be honest, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is one of my favorite shows.  I know, I know, it's trash TV and a complete waste of time...but I can't help it!

10. I am absolutely dreading my alarm clock in the morning, but am thankful tomorrow is Friday.  And my first official pay check since May.  That's something to get excited about my friends! :)

Duane just walked in and Kaia almost attacked him.  I guess that's my cue to spend some QT with my husband and head to bed!  Have a great Friday! :)

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  1. Kason's 5 month pics are great!! :) I am with you on the nay of extreme couponing, the yay of trash tv, the nay on kim's dresses, the yay on 4 arms for all moms, and as far as number 8- try mother's milk tea (get it at nutrition stores.... drank 2 cups a day when I went back to work). Really really helped me!