Sunday, November 27, 2011


I love going into small baby boutiques.  It's so fun to look at the handmade, unique products they sell.  I have a favorite one called Nurture.  Every time I go in there I find something new that I love.  Yesterday I was downtown, so I decided to stop in.  After was "Small Business Saturday"! :)  I picked up these two items....


I was really excited about the bib, which is from "Bobaloo".  It is handmade and the lady that makes them was actually in the store doing s trunk show last night.  I LOVE all of the products she sells.  The fabric she uses is bright and cherry.  The bibs are actually backed with what looks like a towel, so they absorb a lot more than a typical bib.  I was telling the Sam (the lady that makes the products) that I had been looking for a Christmas bib, but didn't want a cheesy one.  She said, "Like one that says Santa's little helper" (Which is exactly what I was thinking).  I'm so glad for people like her that have such a creative talent!

So if you're looking for unique burp cloths, bibs, and other products check out her website, here.  And if you're looking for unique clothes, check out Nurture.  Their website doesn't have a whole lot for sale, but the store has lots of really cute things!  Don't get me wrong, I love places like Baby Gap and Children's Place, but then I see 20 other little boys wearing the same thing as Kason.  That's why I really like shopping at these little boutiques.  I can find cute, different things to dress my sweet boy in.

Happy shopping!

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