Sunday, November 6, 2011


Here are some random things going through my head on this Sunday evening...

...I'm trying to get into this whole couponing thing.  Not extreme by any means.  I would just like to save some money when I go grocery shopping.  So far, I feel like it's a failed attempt.  I saved about $18 tonight..that's a start right?  I even was able to manage to go to Target and Walmart with Kason by myself. Money saving and solo shopping...I think I deserve some kind of gold star.

...Speaking of solo shopping, what are you supposed to do with your almost 8 month old baby when you need to use the restroom while your shopping?  I haven't figured that one out, so I just hold it...which sometimes isn't a good idea..if you get my drift. 

...I usually hate winter.  I have never liked the cold and think snow is only good the first time it happens.  However, this year I am actually looking forward to it.  I'm excited for snowy days that I can spend inside with my boys.  Something about that makes me so excited for the cold.  I can't believe I just typed those words.

...I still think it's weird that I was pregnant at this time last year.  It seems like so long ago!

...I can't decide if I want to go Black Friday shopping this year.  I have gone with a friend for the past few years and love it. However, the past few years I have been able to come home and go back to bed after a long morning of shopping. This year I have a baby and going back to sleep might not be an option.  Do I value a good deal more than sleep?  I have yet to decide.

...We have a tree in our yard that is rather large.  I'm not sure what kind it is because I'm not really into knowing the names of trees and plants..but it has leaves that are shaped like little fans.  Anyways, every year about this time it turns yellow.  I mean bright yellow.  So yellow that when the sun is shinning the color of the leaves shine into our kitchen giving it a yellow tint.  This weekend it started to turn yellow and I love it!  A lot of the leaves have already fallen off the other trees in our yard, so it's nice to still have one sign of fall.  When the leaves fall off of my favorite tree I consider that the official start of winter.
...Is it weird that I have a favorite tree in our yard?  Probably.

...I am going to attempt to start working out again this week.  Other than walking, I haven't done much since I was pregnant with Kason.  However, the baby bump isn't so cute now that there's no baby in it's off to the gym I go.  There is a kickboxing class at my church that meets 2 nights a week.  I used to go all the time and loved it.  It's a great workout and is fun at the same time.  I'm hoping to make it there this week.  We will see!

...I think hooded sweatshirts on baby boys are absolutely adorable!  They make Kason look like such a little boy! :)

...I am really hoping for a new camera for Christmas.  I look at the one I want online at least 4 times a week. 

...I'm having a really hard time with this working mom thing.  I just don't know how people do it.  It is by far one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.  I hate leaving Kason and honestly still cry most Sunday nights in anticipation for the coming week.  I know..this is probably not normal. One of my biggest struggles right now is finding time to spend with just Duane.  We used to go on dates all of the time, but since Kason has been born, we haven't been on many.  I know how important these dates are.  I just feel guilty leaving Kason after being away from him all day/week.  It's hard to even go out with friends anymore because they all like to go out to eat late and we just can't do that with an 8 month old.  I'm hoping I'm just in a funk right now and things will get better soon.

Well that's all for right now.  Here's to hoping the work week goes fast! :)


  1. That is my husbands favorite type of tree. It is called a Ginko!

  2. I usually have Nora in her carseat in the cart & I wheel her in the handicap stall and turn her away from the toilet (you know particles go 5 feet from the toilet). And this is an "only-if-I-can't-hold-it" deal. I also pick and choose wisely where I do that...not typically at WalMart, but maybe Kohls or somewhere like that!

    I had the same thought about working out...Jake and I went to check out Planet Fitness & The Y, but didnt join either yet. I used to go to the kickboxing classes when we first moved here-I may pop in from time to time!

  3. On the working mom thing- you are totally normal. Not only did a cry every Sunday but every single morning Ivy's entire first year. It was the hardest year of my life! I am still the same way about dates because I miss my babes so much I just can't leave at night- we have "dates" at home when the babies go to bed and try to get out once every other month or so. Hang in there- it is a very difficult adjustment. I want to assure you that you are not abnormal. I think making it through the first year is half the battle~

  4. Roxanne - You should come to kickboxing! :)

    Sarah - Thanks you. You always make me feel more "normal". I appreciate your sweet, encouraging words so much. Thanks again.