Friday, May 17, 2013

our girl

Today we got to see our girl's sweet little face, and let me tell you something, we are in LOVE.  She is just the cutest little thing, and it was fun to watch her move around, yawn, and make faces during our 4d ultrasound today.  My doctor's office actually doesn't do these anymore, and I knew I really wanted one because I had one with Kason, so Duane surprised me for mother's day and booked an ultrasound  We went to a place called Precious Peek and had a great experience!  I loved every minute of it, even though our girl didn't want to cooperate.  She was really close to the placenta the whole time, so that's what you can see on the left side of her face in all of the photos.  She's just out of room in there! :)

Here she is. :)

 photo H_1_zpscd0b96fa.jpg
 photo H_2_zpsb0821926.jpg

 photo H_3_zps597f145e.jpg

 photo H_4_zpse4e1210f.jpg

 photo H_5_zps2d541836.jpg

 photo H_6_zpse34edebe.jpg

And a comparrison of 2 day old Kason to baby girl.  You can check out Kason's 4d ultrasound pics here.  I think they for sure look alike, especially the nose.  I think she may have Duane's lips, but other than that she looks like big brother.  Her little cheeks are SO chubby, which makes me wonder if she'll be a big baby. :)

 photo Compared_zps1a9e1acc.jpg

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