Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friends and Packing...

Last night two of our very dearest friends came to town on a spur of the moment trip. They came to watch the Purdue game (which didn't end well) and just hang out for a little bit. We went to Weber Grill (our fav.) on Friday night and then just hung around home Saturday. It was SO great to see them. Chelsea is, and has been, one of my best friends since middle school. I hate not getting to see her more ofter, so I always try to soak up the short time we get to spend together. Her husband has become one of Duane's great friends and we are so glad to have them in our lives. Everytime we get together we are constantly discussing different locations that we can move to be closer to each other. Hopefully one of these days it will work out!

Here are some pictures from their stay...

The four of us!

LOVE this girl!

JUMP..Kaia was chasing them all over!

My little family :)

Someday we will live closer!

Of course they had to play video games!

We are all packed (ok, not really) and ready to leave bright and early tomorrow morning. I am starting to get a little bit sad about leaving Kaia behind. This is the first time I've ever left her. Duane thinks I'm being ridiculous, or course. I know she is just a dog..but I'm going to miss her! Luckily one of our good friends is staying at our house so I know she will be taken care of.

How could you NOT miss this cute face?!

I don't think she has any idea we are about to leave..poor baby! :(

The next time I blog will be from the sunny beach! Florida, here we come! Have a great Saturday!

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  1. LOVE, love, love it!!! Great pics! You made me want that camera!! Thanks SO MUCH for hosting us spare of the moment, treating us to a wonderful dinner, sharing your 10% off discount, feeding/baking us yummy cinnamon rolls, for great conversation, for entertaining us, and of course for protecting us from Kaia (aka AJ)! We had a WONDERFUL 20 hours with your cute little fam! I LOVE YOU!!!!