Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh How I love...

Oh how I love Florida Restaurants! They are one of my favorite parts of vacation (next to endless hours on the beach). I love Restaurants that sit right on the beach. Restaurants that are full of happy, cheerful vacation goers. Restaurants that overlook the ocean. Oh, I just love them! You don't find restaurants like this in Indiana.

Restaurants like this one

That have giant kites on the ceiling

That have T.V.'s so that my husband doesn't miss a second of sports center (ha!)

That serves yummy deserts like this one

That have lots of different colors and lots of different people

And of course..plastic cups! Because who needs glass cups?!

Yes, I love restaurants like these. Can't wait to go back!

We had a great trip! Full of sun and relaxation. Can't wait to blog all about it. But, for now, here is a beautiful picture of the sunset. Gotta love sunsets over the oceans!

We are sitting in the Tampa airport, getting ready to eat dinner and head home. Can't wait to see Kaia (thanks Ben for watching her!), but we sure will miss the beach!

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