Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Furniture!

We recently purchased the rest of our bedroom furniture. Duane's parents got us our wonderful king size bed as a wedding gift. We decided not to buy the rest of the furniture due to it's large price tag so for the past ten months we have been using plastic containers as make shift dressers. Lovely, I know. Especially for someone with an exceptionally large wardrobe. Fortunately, when we remodeled the house we put in a large walk in closet in our bedroom which has been a lifesaver (for me, Duane's clothes have been banned to the guest room, ha). So in January we decided that it was time to buy the rest of our furniture and complete our bedroom. Two months later, it came in. I love the way it looks but do not love the way it collects dust and Kaia hair. Duane now has some of his clothes in the dresser and our closet is much less congested. Our bedroom was the last room that did not feel "complete" so it was a good feeling to get the rest of the furniture. Now we can move on to the the list of projects for the outside of our house. You know like painting, landscaping, putting up a fence, etc. Sounds like load of fun huh? So much for "summer break"!

Here are some pictures of the furniture. Please excuse the unmade bed. I almost retook these pictures after I realized the bed wasn't made but then you might actually think I made our bed every morning! :)

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  1. Love the new furniture!!! It looks great!! And I vote a white-picket fence!! :)