Saturday, October 30, 2010

20 Weeks!


Today marks the halfway point!  I am officially 20 weeks pregnant!  That means in just 20 (or less) weeks, Baby G will be here.  So exciting yet so hard to believe.  It seems like it was just yesterday I was finding out I was pregnant.  Time flies!

Pregnancy Updates:

Baby G's size: About the length of a banana.  He weighs about 10 1/2 ounces.

My size: As of today I've gained about 5 pounds.  My stomach is definitely growing by the day.  I'm trying really hard to exercise to keep myself and Baby G healthy.  This week I attempted kickboxing for the first time since I've been pregnant.  Although I had to bump it down a few notches, it was a great workout and I'm going to try to start going weekly!

Most excited thing: Finding out Baby G was a boy was most definitely the most exciting part of the pregnancy thus far.  It was kind of like the first "due date".  I feel such a connection to this little guy and am so happy with our decision to find out (no matter what other people's opinions are).  I also feel this little boy kick all day.  This week I felt him kick while I was standing up for the first time.  Before this week I could only feel him move when I was sitting still or laying down.  Such an awesome feeling! :)

Most annoying thing: My back has started hurting big time this week.  I've heard lots of times that since I am pretty small, I would probably struggle with lower back pain pretty early on in my pregnancy.  If my back hurts now..I can't imagine what it will feel like with a 5 lb. baby in my stomach!

Cravings: I haven't had any craving recently other than Coke.  Weird, since I didn't drink Coke before my pregnancy.  Not sure what that's all about! 

Sickness: Still feeling good in the sickness category.  My energy left me again this week but I think that had more to do with being back at school after 2 weeks off.  It was a rough week!

Next appointment: November 17 is my next appointment!

I'm so thankful to God for putting this baby inside of me.  Each week when I receive me weekly pregnancy update e-mail I am amazed at all of the tiny details that are forming on and in Baby G.  I am also amazed at all of the actions he is doing, his movements, kicks, and motions.  I know that God is the reason these things are happening.  He is the one that decided to bless us with a baby boy.  He is our little guy's creator and protector and for that I am SO grateful!


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