Thursday, October 14, 2010


You know your 4.5 months pregnant when. . .

...You've been to Chilis about 5 times in the last week all because you just HAVE to have their chicken enchilada soup.

...You're pretty sure pregnancy could be mistaken as bipolar disorder at times.  One minute you're laughing, and then you read a sad blog and your sobbing.

...You feel like your nose and bladder are in competition.  You're not sure if you use the bathroom or sneeze more throughout the day.

...You practically stare at every baby you see in public.  Other mamas probably think you're psycho but you can't help but get excited about holding and seeing your precious baby!

...You've never really been the type to cuss, but your hormones are unfortunately getting the best of you and your husband is left laughing after you stub your toe and let a choice word slip.  Oops! :)

...You jump at any type of movement in your lower stomach.  Every little tiny feeling gets you so excited...even if you realize later that it was probably just gas. :)

...Your head feels like it might explode 80% of the time.  And you are really sick of it.

...You're stomach is an awkward size.  Your still pretty little to be wearing maternity jeans but would much rather throw on silly looking jeans than sit for 15 minutes trying to get your tight, cute jeans to button.

...You've been left breathless after driving by a field that has just been harvested because the strong smell of corn makes your nostrils burn.

...You accidentally throw your debit card in the trash can at the gas station because your pregnant brain forgets that it too is in your hand with your empty Starbucks cup.  ((Ugh, digging through the trash was not one of my finer moments.))

...You are thinking that 4.5 more months of pregnancy feels like SUCH a long time.  And then you start to stress yourself out when you think about all of the things you have to get done in those few months.

...You are DYING to know if this little one inside of you is a he or she.

...You are getting more excited each day to hold your baby in your arms.  No matter how much all of the other pregnancy side effects annoy you, you are well aware that it will ALL be so worth it in the end. :)

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