Thursday, October 7, 2010

Isn't it Funny

Isn't if funny how plans gone wrong ofter seem so right a few months down the road.  Isn't it funny that had you have told me a year ago that on this day, as a first year teacher, I would be driving down the interstate on the way to my 16 week OB check-up I would have said absolutely not?  I would have told you that you were nothing short of crazy!  Isn't it funny that I never would have thought as a 23 year old I would be TRYING to gain weight so that my baby is healthy and so that Dr. C doesn't get mad at me when I loose a pound or 2 between appointments.  Who would have thought?  Not this mama, that's for sure!

It's so funny how things work out.  Funny, scary, and exciting.  A year ago, ok 6 months ago, I would have told you that getting pregnant was the last thing on my mind.  Now I look at my pregnant belly and can't imagine it any other way.  It's just funny how God makes things work out.  Funny, scary and SO exciting.  

Above all the uncertainty and worry I sense a feeling of comfort.  I know I say this a lot but it is SO true.  Comfort in knowing that God is forming this small baby just the way he wants to.  He already knows this little person and is taking care of him or her every day.  Every hour.  Every second.  This is SO comforting!  I can't imagine not having that sense of comfort.  I also can't imagine understanding how this baby is growing inside of me without my faith and belief in God.  Who else could place a tiny baby inside of me?
I had my 16 week appointment today!  Baby G's heart rate was 143 and sounded really healthy.  I got to actually hear the baby move so that was really cool!  I scheduled my second ultrasound for October 20.  That will be the day when we find out if we are having a boy or girl!  I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.  Something tells me these next 2 weeks are going to crawl by especially since I will be on fall break the next 2 weeks.  Yep, you heard me, I am ONE day away from my 2 week fall break.  It is a much needed break and I hope to get lots of things done around the house as well as in my classroom.

Have a great Friday! :)

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